Arts & Culture

Rebecca Kaiser Gibson
November 23, 2015 Large Image
For Tufts lecturer Rebecca Kaiser Gibson, poetry is a way to pare life down to its essence

In her new book of poetry, Opinel (Bauhan), Rebecca Kaiser Gibson covers much territory, from her youth and time in India to life’s...

Colassal AcornHead sculpture
November 12, 2015 Large Image
The Museum Without Walls app helps visitors learn about paintings, sculpture and other artworks located around the Tufts Medford/Somerville campus

Each year some 50,000 prospective undergraduates and their families visit Tufts, learning who the best professors are and how to get to Davis...

view of Parallax installation
November 3, 2015 Large Image
Tufts gallery hosts a show by a Pakistani artist that challenges viewers’ sense of political and cultural boundaries

A familiar image greets viewers entering Shahzia Sikander’s solo show at the Tufts University Art Gallery. On the far wall, the southern boundary...

Malcolm Turvey
October 28, 2015 Large Image
Malcolm Turvey, co-director of the new Film and Media Studies Program, says cinema is alive and well, and studying it can yield valuable new perspectives

Malcolm Turvey has long been fascinated with film. He watched movies avidly as a child, and studied film at the University of Kent, in his native...

Joseph Alexiou
October 7, 2015 Large Image
A new book by Joseph Alexiou, A06, traces the history of the poisoned and picturesque Gowanus waterway

Joseph Alexiou, A06, leaned over the railing of Brooklyn’s Union Street Bridge on a windy day, contemplating the fetid waterway on which he has...