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Stephen Sheppard and world's fair poster
March 26, 2015 Large Image
In a Bronx apartment, Stephen Sheppard, D60, shows off a cornucopia of treasures from that year’s world’s fair

They came by the millions, via steamship and Pullman coach, by trolley car and on Chicago’s brand-new “L,” to the extravaganza that marked the...

Caitlin Felsman in costume in an opera production
March 23, 2015 Large Image
By day a Tufts staffer, Caitlin Felsman, A09, is also making a name for herself on the operatic stage

In this occasional series, Tufts Now highlights the hidden talents of Tufts faculty and staff.

If you scan Caitlin...

Boston City Hall Plaza
March 10, 2015 Large Image
Insights from evolution and neuroscience suggest ways to design more human-centric buildings and cities

Take a walk along Hanover Street in Boston’s North End, and you can’t help but notice the number of people strolling along the sidewalk, the cozy...

February 27, 2015 Large Image

MEDFORD/SOMERVILLE, Mass. – ABC News’ chief anchor George Stephanopoulos will discuss "Who Do You...

Joel LaRue Smith
February 22, 2015 Large Image
Musician Joel LaRue Smith is at home playing many flavors of jazz, and now brings the form to a new musical

Joel LaRue Smith wants to make sure his audiences can feel the rhythm and movement in his music. “There’s got to be some oomcha in it,”...