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a record player
July 11, 2016
Paul D. Lehrman, a lecturer in music and director of the music engineering minor program, weighs in on the debate

Vinyl is back, no doubt about it. Sales of vinyl records have been soaring, although they still represent only a tiny fraction of the music...

June 30, 2016

MEDFORD/SOMERVILLE, Mass. (June 30, 2016)— The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, officially becomes part of Tufts University's...

illustration of many iconic 1980s images
June 27, 2016 Large Image
Growing up with stone-washed jeans and the New Kids on the Block, I didn’t know what was around the corner when the 90s, and college, arrived

In 1988, I was an overweight high school freshman, sporting stone-washed jeans, a near toxic dose of Bennetton “Colors” perfume, and a poof that...

open book with apple on it
June 21, 2016 Large Image
Members of the Tufts community share their favorites in fiction and nonfiction

Heading into prime vacation season each summer, we ask the Tufts community to tell us about books they like, and why they recommend them to others...

Roma family in Romania
June 10, 2016 Large Image
Fletcher alumna Lenore Myka’s book of linked short stories portrays endangered survivors in Romania

When Lenore Myka, F99, started writing fiction inspired by her Peace Corps stint in Romania, her imagination was drawn to dark topics:...