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James Levine
May 11, 2016 Large Image
When James Levine, A96, composes music for top shows like "Glee," "Nip/Tuck" and "Rizzoli & Isles," the heat is always on

One Sunday night 13 years ago, James Levine, A96, got a phone call asking if he could come in to work early the next morning. Sure enough, at 8 a....

scene from Dogtown Redemption
May 10, 2016 Large Image
“Dogtown Redemption,” an alum’s documentary about people in Oakland who scavenge recyclable goods, challenges stereotypes of the poor

One day shortly after moving to West Oakland, California, Amir Soltani, A90, F90, heard a rustling noise coming from his yard. He peeked out the...

Nancy Bauer
April 7, 2016 Large Image
Acquisition of SMFA will strengthen the arts and art education at Tufts

Nancy Bauer, an academic dean and philosophy professor whose scholarship spans feminism and film, has been named dean of the School of Museum of...

illustration of woman with music coming out of her head
March 28, 2016 Video
For starters, it allows us to express things that can’t be put into words

The Tufts Now video series Ever Wonder features faculty and other experts answering questions...

March 21, 2016
Tufts hosts back-to-back festivals sure to expand artistic and cultural horizons

March is a big month for music at Tufts with two festivals at Granoff Music Center, one celebrating the work of Italian avant-garde composer Luigi...