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still from a video showing bright lights and a mask
March 2, 2018 Large Image
Artists from the Americas challenge notions of who is indigenous and what that means in exhibition at Tufts Art Gallery

Our broader mainstream culture tends to imagine indigenous peoples of the Americas as people of the past rather than people of the present, says...

February 26, 2018 Large Image
Donation of 38 pieces from Andrew and Linda Safran, to be exhibited in Fall 2018, aims to make room for self-taught artists in art history canon

MEDFORD/SOMERVILLE, Mass. (Feb. 26, 2018) – Tufts University has added a collection of 38 pieces of American outsider art to its permanent...

Sculpture of a rooster
February 26, 2018 Large Image
Andrew and Linda Safran donate thirty-eight works of art to the university’s permanent collection

When Andrew Safran, A76, F77, and his wife, Linda, first came across a work of art by William Hawkins in 1989, they were struck by its vibrant...

Portrait of John Marshall
February 20, 2018 Large Image
A new biography of John Marshall shows how the influential Supreme Court chief justice promoted the judiciary and a strong federal government

John Marshall became one of the most influential chief justices of the United States Supreme Court, even though he had completed just one year of...

Christopher Golden at Tufts talking with a student
February 13, 2018 Large Image
Two-time Bram Stoker Award winner Christopher Golden, A89, shares the secrets of a successful writing career

On a typical day, writer Christopher Golden, A89, might have a half dozen projects on his plate, and there’s certainly no time for writer’s block...