Campus Life

aerial view of Tufts' Medford/Somerville and Boston campuses
October 18, 2016 Large Image
Tufts will continue to examine its procedures and create additional programs to ensure a safe and welcoming environment

For three years, a task force of students, staff and faculty chaired by Tufts President Anthony P. Monaco has examined how the university handles...

David Gregory and Patrick Healy at Tufts
October 18, 2016 Large Image
Broadcast journalist David Gregory led a panel discussion at Tufts on the role of the press in this topsy-turvy election season

Last week, when Donald Trump threatened to sue the New York Times if it didn’t retract a story in which six women said the Republican...

two mimes on stage
October 17, 2016 Video
Silence is golden for the performers in the university’s Hype Mimez troupe

Mime is ever so much more than people in black costumes and painted white faces pretending they are trapped in a box—it’s about storytelling, and...

campus scene from the academic quad
October 14, 2016 Large Image
Gift matching initiative boosts student support and campus diversity by raising $95 million for scholarships

Faced with a growing need for financial aid to ensure that talented students from diverse backgrounds can receive a great education regardless of...

Walker Bristol
October 13, 2016 Large Image
Walker Bristol, A14, espouses concern and compassion as the first humanist-in-residence in the University Chaplaincy

The start of a new school year reminds Walker Bristol, A14, about how he felt his first day at Tufts.

As a freshman from Wilmington, North...