Campus Life

Gevvie Stone rows on the Charles
December 21, 2011 Large Image
Medical student Gevvie Stone pulls for a shot at the 2012 Summer Olympics

It is still dark when Genevra Stone, M14, arrives at Harvard’s Weld Boathouse for a Saturday morning row. Just two weeks after winning the women’s...

Viewing secrets at Tisch
December 16, 2011 Slideshow
Posting secrets for all to see is part of a student-led effort to talk about mental health issues on campus

A poor grade, a breakup or a snub from a friend can be more upsetting than college students want to admit to themselves—or to others.


Chinese soup dumpling
December 13, 2011 Large Image
For Chinese food that’s a notch above, and a draw for the adventurous

This is one of an occasional series about eating establishments in neighborhoods near Tufts’ three campuses. Have a...

stressed out student
December 13, 2011
Chris Willard, a staff psychologist at the Tufts Counseling Center, says to start by relaxing and setting goals

Stress can be defined as the body and brain’s fight/flight/freeze reaction to danger. It’s an important evolutionary response to save our lives...

Huw Thomas
December 12, 2011 Large Image
In a wide-ranging conversation, dental school Dean Huw Thomas talks about the growing importance of dentistry to our national welfare

It’s a damp, drizzly day in Boston. Fog floats atop the skyscrapers, and the view from the 15th floor of One Kneeland Street barely extends beyond...