Campus Life

Neera Tanden and Bill Kristol at Tufts
November 17, 2017 Large Image
Democrat Neera Tanden and Republican Bill Kristol debate the future of the country at Tufts

Civil discourse isn’t dead—Democrat Neera Tanden and Republican Bill Kristol proved that point in a November 15 debate at Tufts covering a range...

Anthony Monaco and Mayor Joe Curtatone
November 16, 2017 Slideshow
More than 300 guests came to the Aidekman Arts Complex for a party marking the occasion

A gala celebrating Somerville’s 175th anniversary on November 11 brought more than 300 guests, including Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone, to the...

logo of the Tufts Community Appeal, an elephant with a big heart
November 16, 2017 Large Image
The Tufts Community Appeal, which runs through December, is a way for faculty and staff to contribute to many worthy causes

Building a sense of community takes creativity, a can-do attitude, and money.

Bill Hager, executive director of the...

A large dog leadning a walking group of humans
November 15, 2017 Large Image
At Cummings School, a registered therapy dog is giving the campus community a reason to gather for some weekly group exercise

When Irish wolfhound Einstein passed the 22-part skills and aptitude test to become a registered therapy dog and a member of the...

snowstorm on Tufts campus
November 14, 2017 Large Image
Tufts departments and divisions take part in planning to ensure the work of the university continues, no matter the circumstances

You’re working on a project, and all of a sudden your hard drive crashes, or a pipe bursts and floods your office, or a blizzard hits town. What...