Campus Life

Erick Garcia, Gary Leisk, Nicholas Nopprapun and Noah Kagan, after hearing the news about their award.
August 9, 2017
Three mechanical engineering undergraduates and their faculty mentor receive first prize in a Transportation Research Board competition addressing airport needs

Waiting for your suitcase to show up at the airport baggage carousel is a frustrating experience, but a group of Tufts students is on the case....

August 8, 2017
USDA administrators will speak about research and funding priorities at August 15 event

The HNRCA will host “A Washington Perspective: The Importance of Nutrition and Aging Research” on Aug. 15, featuring senior USDA officials who are...

Exterior masonry work at Haskell Hall
August 1, 2017 Large Image
Many large and small projects are under way across the university

Summer is here and Tufts construction projects are in full swing. Here’s a look at some of the campus improvements going on, and new buildings now...

Jerry Meldon
July 20, 2017
A longtime faculty member, Meldon is remembered for his empathy, humor and passion

Jerry Meldon, an associate professor of chemical engineering and a Tufts faculty member since 1978, died on Tuesday when he drowned while swimming...

tour of the Royall House
July 10, 2017 Large Image
Inspired by a beloved professor, an interactive map catalogs African-American historical sites at Tufts and nearby

Many years ago, Pearl Robinson, an associate professor of political science, was rushing to class on the Medford campus when she bumped into her...