Health & Science

Anna Sajina
May 27, 2015 Video
Assistant professor of astronomy and physics Anna Sajina has the answer

The new Tufts Now video series Ever Wonder features faculty and other experts answering...

illustration of man and machine merging
May 22, 2015 Large Image
Technology now exists to connect people’s brains to the Internet, and it’s giving rise to a new way of thinking, according to an alum's best-selling book

For most of the past two million years, the human brain has been growing steadily. But something has recently changed. In a surprising reversal,...

Faith Wallace-Gadsen
May 12, 2015 Large Image
Tufts Institute for Innovation symposium for students links research to community engagement

When Doug Brugge learned a few years ago that the city of Boston had plans to build a new high school adjacent to a highway exit ramp in Chinatown...

May 11, 2015

MEDFORD/SOMERVILLE, Mass. – Two Tufts faculty members are continuing groundbreaking research in computer science thanks to their $500,000 Faculty...

student stands in front of smokestacks in Boston
May 6, 2015 Large Image
Master’s of Public Health students get an eye-opening lesson thanks to an urban scavenger hunt

Tufts students, faculty and staff navigate the health sciences campus in Chinatown every day—some of us for years. But how much of our environment...