Health & Science

April 29, 2016
“Meet the Scientists” Event May 6 Introduces the Public to Leading Science Faculty

MEDFORD/SOMERVILLE, Mass. Five Tufts University faculty members who are leading researchers in their fields,...

man doing leg press on exercise equipment
April 29, 2016 Large Image
Tufts study shows that improving muscle power—rather than strength—helps alleviate pain for osteoarthritis sufferers

Scientists at Tufts have determined that leg muscle power—the capability of the leg muscles to rapidly exert force—is a more accurate gauge of the...

illustration of a tooth
April 25, 2016 Large Image
Dental stem cells could revolutionize treatment for patients who face extractions

Losing teeth is part of childhood. For adults, however, missing molars or broken incisors require a manmade solution in the form of dentures or...

illustration of sunset with sun as a brain
April 25, 2016 Large Image
Tufts neuroscientist Philip Haydon is testing a promising treatment based on groundbreaking insights into how the brain works

A few years ago, I was out in Denver visiting my mother in her condo, sitting at the end of her couch in the living room, working through the...

colorful vegetables
April 21, 2016 Large Image
Tufts nutrition experts list their top 10 healthy but overlooked vegetables

Here, in no particular order, are some vegetables that deserve a second glance for their nutritional benefits, according to Jeffrey Blumberg, a...