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lots of cut and washed kale
April 19, 2018 Large Image
Eating more green leafy vegetables may help older adults slow the decline in cognitive skills as they age

Swapping out a salad for French fries is obviously a smart choice for keeping your weight down, but it also seems to be good for your brain. A...

Infrared thermal image of mice
April 18, 2018 Large Image
Genome editing study reveals how hormone helps prevent both obesity and diabetes

BOSTON (April 18, 2018)—Revealing surprising answers to a long-standing enigma about the brain target of the anti-obesity hormone leptin,...

teenage girl looking at a smartphone
April 17, 2018 Large Image
A psychiatry professor sees a cause for spiking rates of teenage depression and anxiety: the rise of social media

Five years ago, I wrote a column about how parents...

Dariush Mozaffarian, Robin Shrestha, and Sapana Adhikari holding large check at Tufts
April 17, 2018 Large Image
Winners in the Friedman School’s first entrepreneurship competition included ideas for healthy foods for Nepali schools and nutrition and farming apps

Friedman School staff member Robin Shrestha, N15, and teammate Sapana Adhikari of Smartbakery won first place in the first Tufts Food and...

April 12, 2018 Large Image

NORTH GRAFTON, Mass. (April 12, 2018)—Service animals—from guide dogs to military and search and rescue animals, and many others in important...