Health & Science

people work on rescuing a dolphin on a beach
October 20, 2014 Large Image
Veterinary student’s research could improve survival rates for stranded animals

No one knows why dolphins beach themselves, but once they wash ashore, they will surely die without proper care.

A new study has found that...

a grilled chicken salad
October 20, 2014 Large Image
New research shows that it is possible to create new eating habits

“I can resist anything except temptation.” Anyone who has ever been on a diet can relate to that quip from Oscar Wilde. No matter what the fad...

montage of foods with magnesium levels listed
October 17, 2014
Only about half of Americans get the recommended daily amount in their diet

Getting enough magnesium in the diet may reduce the risk of diabetes, especially for those who already show signs of heading that way...

October 15, 2014
Vice provost for research has served on NSF policymaking board since 2008

Diane L. Souvaine, the vice provost for research and a professor of computer science, has been reappointed to the National Science Board, the...

a dentist and his young patient
October 14, 2014 Large Image
A charity is born from a dentist’s desire to help a child with a disfiguring disease

Leon Klempner couldn’t say no to Saline Atieno.

The New York orthodontist had been on medical missions all over the world for 15 years,...