Health & Science

woman shopping in fresh fruits ailse in grocery store
May 1, 2015
Researchers at Tufts are taking on obesity from many different angles

The obesity epidemic is not an American phenomenon. About 37 percent of the world’s adults are overweight or obese, and no nation has been able to...

Tufts Student Harry Paul and President Obama
April 24, 2015 Large Image
Harry Paul, A18, earns a shout-out from the president for his device to manage a health condition he knows well—congenital scoliosis

A couple of weeks ago, freshman Harry Paul skipped all his Monday classes, but he wasn’t slacking off. He was in Washington, D.C., talking to...

heart screening event with high schoolers
April 16, 2015 Large Image
One in 350 teens is at risk for sudden cardiac arrest; Doug Grosmark, D85, helps save their lives

After Eric Paredes, a 15-year-old high school wrestler and football player, collapsed and died on the kitchen floor in 2009, his parents were...

a male and female common eider duck swimming in river
April 15, 2015 Large Image
An outbreak caused by a newly identified virus spawns a regional effort to manage wildlife epidemics

Wellfleet Bay on Cape Cod is as unspoiled a natural paradise as you will find anywhere. Surrounded by the reeds and estuaries of a wildlife...

a view of an ocean
April 13, 2015 Large Image
Biology professor studies how the increasing acidity that has come with climate change is affecting ocean life

The increasing acidity of the world’s oceans is having some pretty dire effects, including damaging coral reefs and weakening the shells of clams...