Health & Science

Kyong Lee in a lab
August 21, 2014 Large Image
Kyongbum Lee studies the bacteria in our guts and how the chemicals they produce impact us all

The word metabolism gets tossed around a lot, but it means much more than whether you can go back to the buffet for seconds without worrying about...

illustration of people, globes and scientific instruments
August 20, 2014 Large Image
Tufts Institute for Innovation has great expectations for tackling some of the world’s formidable public health problems

Four research teams at Tufts have set out to solve some daunting public health problems caused by bacteria, viruses and other microbes that...

fruits, veggies, a bagel and some sugar
August 13, 2014 Large Image
10 red flags to help you sort specious nutrition advice from the good stuff

Honest-to-goodness nutrition news is actually pretty rare.

“Nutrition is not a science of breakthroughs,” explains Professor Jeanne...

August 13, 2014

BOSTON (Wednesday, August 13, 2014) — More than 1.6 million cardiovascular-related deaths per year can be attributed to sodium...

illustration of man in lab coat facing waves
August 12, 2014 Large Image
Gearing up our health-care system for baby boomers and other seniors

Public health dentist Mark Nehring remembers attending a lecture on geriatric treatment 20 years ago. The speaker offered up slides of a patient...