Health & Science

man grinding peanuts in Guinea-Bissau village
January 9, 2017 Large Image
A nutritional supplement developed at Tufts is helping people in one West African village thrive—and earn a living

When Tufts nutritionist Susan Roberts went to the small village of Dandu in Guinea-Bissau, on West Africa’s Atlantic coast, to test nutritional...

January 9, 2017 Large Image
UMass Boston students pursuing careers in medicine or biomedical sciences take part in a Tufts curriculum targeting disparities in the clinical and biomedical workforce

BOSTON (Jan. 9, 2017)—Last week, 28 undergraduate students from the University of Massachusetts Boston began a three-week pipeline program at...

dog being examined by veterinarian
January 6, 2017 Large Image
Stem cell studies of the heart-valve disease in dogs could benefit humans, too

Patricia Galipeau was stunned to learn her dog, Mickey, was in congestive heart failure after his vet referred him to the Foster Hospital for a...

family with kids riding bikes
January 6, 2017 Large Image
A study finds that few children meet daily exercise guideline goals

Guidelines recommend that children get an hour of exercise every day, including a half hour during school. Unfortunately, a study finds that few...

December 27, 2016 Large Image
The first global analysis of complementary foods marketed in lower-income countries highlights the need for basic quality assurance services to improve nutritional consistency and reduce childhood malnutrition

BOSTON (Dec. 27, 2016)—For parents around the world, premixed infant cereals—also known as complementary foods—can be a vital source of the solid...