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image from researchers of CAVD at Tufts
November 6, 2017 Large Image
Imaging may provide a new tool to track progression of calcific aortic-valve disease

Almost a half million Americans aged 65 to 74 suffer from a degenerative cardiovascular disease caused by calcium being deposited in heart tissue...

swirl of bits 0s and 1s
October 30, 2017 Large Image
Tufts’ Data Intensive Studies Center hosts a major symposium on November 8 with wide-ranging topics

Big data is about much more than mathematics and science, and is increasingly important in a wide variety of disciplines. Research in fields from...

kids running in woods in winter
October 23, 2017 Large Image
Most kids in northern latitudes don’t get enough vitamin D in winter. Tufts researchers find out how to bridge the divide.

Living in northern latitudes such as New England means not only shorter days and less sunlight during the winter, but also far less vitamin D, the...

two older people exercising in a park
October 23, 2017 Large Image
Researchers across the university who focus on healthy and active aging present at annual event November 2

The fastest growing age demographic in the world is people 60 and older, with the number of senior citizens expected to more than double by 2050,...

Kyla Shea at Tufts
October 18, 2017 Large Image
HNRCA community series aims to keep older adults healthy enough to live at home