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grid of results from drug interaction testing
October 16, 2017 Large Image
Research shows a way that’s more efficient and less expensive than traditional testing

Cancer, HIV and tuberculosis are among the many serious diseases that are frequently treated with combinations of three or more drugs, over months...

Anthony Monaco addresses crowd at Science and Engineering Complex dedication at Tufts
October 16, 2017 Large Image
The new building creates opportunities for integrated research and teaching across multiple disciplines

To get the gist of the Science and Engineering Complex (SEC), simply stand in the atrium of the new research wing and look up. A soaring glass...

Richard Isaacson speaking at the HNRCA at Tufts
October 16, 2017 Large Image
A good diet—and positive sleep habits, stress management, and cognitive activities—help disease prevention, expert tells Tufts audience

While people may not show symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease until they are in their sixties or seventies, neurological changes begin much earlier....

SEC exterior
October 13, 2017 Large Image
Interdisciplinary space to serve as hub of innovation, research and collaboration

MEDFORD/SOMERVILLE, Mass. (Oct. 13, 2017) – Tufts University today unveiled the state-of-the-art Science and Engineering Complex (SEC), a...

four medical students opening packages with stethoscopes
October 6, 2017 Large Image
Members of the School of Medicine’s Class of 2021 received the gift thanks to a new program

It’s one of the most enduring symbols of modern medicine: the stethoscope. 

Thanks to the School of Medicine’s new Stethoscopes for...