In the World

Michael Glennon in his office
October 28, 2014 Large Image
Elected officials are no longer in charge of our national security—and that is undermining our democracy, says the Fletcher School’s Michael Glennon

Michael Glennon knew of the book, and had cited it in his classes many times, but he had never gotten around to reading the thing from cover to...

men trying on Ebola hazard suits
October 27, 2014 Large Image
Fear of a U.S. outbreak is distracting us from the real need to control the disease in West Africa, says sociologist of epidemics

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa, which began in December 2013, has touched off widespread anxiety in the United States after a Liberian man who...

view of icy Arctic waters
October 22, 2014 Large Image
The melting ice cap is opening shipping lanes and creating potential for conflict among nations jockeying for the region’s natural resources

It’s July and a cargo ship, laden with some 70,000 tons of coal, is slowly wending its way from Russia to China across the top of the world. This...

students helping others register to vote
October 21, 2014 Large Image
In the traditionally low-turnout midterm elections, young people need an incentive to cast their ballots

The midterm elections on Nov. 4 will determine which party will control Congress for the next two years. In a half dozen close Senate races, young...

James Stavridis and Barack Obama
October 17, 2014 Large Image
Fletcher Dean James Stavridis recounts in a new book lessons he learned as the first naval officer to serve as military head of NATO

After five years in the Navy, James Stavridis thought he’d had enough of military life—law school beckoned. He told his commanding officer, and...