In the World

timed exposure of fireflies lighting up a landscape
July 21, 2016 Large Image
Sara Lewis tells of the courtship rituals—and deceits—of lightning bugs, and explains why we need to protect their habitat

Enthralled by nature as a child, Sara Lewis knew by the time she was 8 years old that she wanted to be a biologist. After graduating from...

dairy owner and cows in barn
July 20, 2016 Large Image
Against the odds, a family dairy is fighting to innovate and grow with the help of a Tufts vet

One day last fall, Eugene White was standing inside a barn in Woodstock, Connecticut, observing a small group of heifers that would soon give...

wild dogs on African savannah
July 12, 2016 Large Image
Figuring out how untamed animals respond to danger could prove key to conservation efforts

Wild animals stay alive by staying alert and agile, but their survival doesn’t stand a chance without a healthy stress response.

Simply put...

meeting at Paris climate change conference
July 12, 2016 Large Image
Two Fletcher Ph.D.s helped deliver the deal that just might save humanity from itself

Daniel Reifsnyder sat at the center of a wide dais in a cavernous former airplane hangar, his image projected onto four giant screens above...

woman in Somali refugee camp
June 16, 2016 Large Image
A quarter-million people died in the Somalia famine of 2011. It didn’t have to happen

The Somalia famine of 2011 was sparked by a confluence of disasters. A major drought ruined crops, killed livestock and took away wage labor...