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a road with much car exhaust in Haiti
April 22, 2014 Large Image
Tufts researchers raise alarm about air pollution levels in Haiti

Air pollution in the island nation of Haiti can reach levels considered hazardous by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, according to recent...

Emerson Tuttle in Grafton
April 14, 2014 Large Image
With training in veterinary medicine and policy, Emerson Tuttle looks to mitigate the losses caused by foot-and-mouth disease

Students gather around picnic tables under giant oaks at the Cummings School on an early fall afternoon. The orderly scene is poles apart from the...

a rooftop farm at sunset
April 10, 2014 Large Image
Friedman School grad John Stoddard has his head in the clouds and his mind on city-fresh produce

To get to the farm, you walk into the posh lobby of the Boston Design Center and go past the glass-fronted showrooms displaying sumptuous...

illustration of fruits and vegetables as kids playing outdoors
March 31, 2014 Large Image
Study finds that a Tufts program on healthy living for kids piloted in Somerville, Mass., works elsewhere

On the heels of a successful Tufts project to decrease childhood obesity in urban Somerville, Mass., researchers brought a similar intervention...

Turkish villagers walking on local lane
March 27, 2014 Large Image
A sign language that developed in isolated Turkish villages could show cognitive scientists which of our linguistic abilities are hard-wired

Linguists have long debated what aspects of language are transmitted through culture and what aspects must be hard-wired into our brains. But it’s...