In the World

Minnie the cat gets a veterinary examination
September 23, 2016 Large Image
A surprising number of animal owners have little or no access to veterinary care, so this Tufts program brings the care to them

Brian Chenevert lives with his three cats in a one-bedroom apartment in downtown Worcester, Massachusetts. He’s unusually close with the cats. “I...

Lauren Abda
September 23, 2016 Large Image
Branchfood founder Lauren Abda, N12, helps entrepreneurs find their way

The informal meeting starts with introductions around the room. Among the 20 or so attendees is Darnell Adams, who hopes to eliminate a food...

students gather around a campsite in Maine
September 20, 2016 Large Image
Incoming first-year students bond thanks to the Tufts Wilderness Orientation program

Perched atop a wooden platform littered with jackets and water bottles, Connor Hager fishes a slip of white paper from a big glass bowl. Hager, a...

child learning to read
September 9, 2016 Large Image
A month-long camp at Tufts combines remediation with inspiration

Miller Hall was transformed into the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry this summer, and students from second to fifth grade were sorted...

young kids code stories using ScratchJr on tablet computers
September 8, 2016 Large Image
Researchers at Tufts have rolled out a Spanish translation of a popular app that develops programming skills through storytelling

Five-year-old Ellie wants to make her cat a different color. She’s got a firm grip on an iPad as a teacher at Eliot-Pearson Children’s School...