In the World

illustration with red star
November 19, 2014 Large Image
Professor Alexander Vilenkin trips through a time portal to the bad old days of Soviet physics, complete with KGB agents and a 70-ton mountain of rotting cabbage

My father, Alexander Vilenkin, is a physicist at Tufts University, and I, his...

a man walking in war ruined Gaza in 1917
November 18, 2014 Large Image
Leila Fawaz recounts the long-forgotten history of the Ottomans’ losing fight in World War I, and the widespread suffering it caused

When most Americans think of World War I, images of trench warfare in France come to mind. But the Great War, as it was called then, wasn’t just...

chia seeds in a tablespoon
November 17, 2014
The growing interest in nutrient-dense chia seeds could help small farmers diversify in Latin America

Until a couple years ago, Shaun Paul’s knowledge of chia was limited to the kitschy terracotta Chia Pet figurines. But recently, chia seeds,...

an Eastern spadefoot toad
November 17, 2014 Video
The rarest amphibian in Massachusetts is getting a tour of potential Cape Cod habitats

A plump Eastern spadefoot toad sits placidly in a patch of meadow on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Nearby, researchers Rachel Jania and Bryan...

dental student with assisting high school student
November 14, 2014 Large Image
Dental students become mentors to kids from Madison Park, a technical vocational high school in Boston

Who were these teenagers? Alexandra Bassett, D14, first noticed them on the postgraduate floor at One Kneeland, where they were quietly lending a...