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two cats trying to eat out of one bowl
September 2, 2014 Large Image
Cummings student heads to veterinary business plan competition with startup idea for tracking animal care

Cummings School veterinary student Loren Sri-Jayantha lived with three people, three cats, two red-footed tortoises and a geriatric reptile known...

A woman leans over a source of water that is potentially contaminated with cholera bacteria.
September 2, 2014
Cholera Bacteria Sacrifice Virulence to Survive Phages

BOSTON (September 2, 2014) — In the battle between our immune systems and cholera bacteria, humans may have an unknown ally in...

Stokely Carmichael at a rally in 1967
September 2, 2014 Large Image
Biography of activist Stokely Carmichael maps the hopes and limitations of the civil rights movement in the 1960s

When the 24-year-old activist Stokely Carmichael walked out of jail and into Broad Street Park in Greenwood, Mississippi, on the night of June 16...

August 27, 2014
Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program will fund teaching fellows through the university’s Urban Mathematics and Science Teacher Collaborative

About half of the nation’s public school teachers quit the profession within their first five years, especially those who teach math and science,...

illustration of people, globes and scientific instruments
August 20, 2014 Large Image
Tufts Institute for Innovation has great expectations for tackling some of the world’s formidable public health problems

Four research teams at Tufts have set out to solve some daunting public health problems caused by bacteria, viruses and other microbes that...