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Nahid Bhadelia in Boston
January 26, 2015 Large Image
Whether at home in Boston or on the ground in West Africa, epidemiologist Nahid Bhadelia takes a big-picture approach to stemming the spread of disease

You may have seen Nahid Bhadelia, J99, F04, M05, looking poised and determined on the cover of Boston Magazine’s “Top Docs” issue back in...

smog in a Chinese city
January 22, 2015 Large Image
Given that we buy so much produced by their factories, U.S. companies there should push for more environment-friendly manufacturing, says activist Linda Greer

China’s fabled air pollution assaulted Linda Greer, J76, the moment she arrived in Beijing in 2008, on her first trip there for the Natural...

January 21, 2015

MEDFORD/SOMERVILLE, Mass.(January 21) -Professor, activist and author Cornel West will deliver the Gerald Gill Keynote Lecture at Tufts University...

street scene in Guinea
January 20, 2015 Large Image
The three impoverished West African nations hit hardest by the epidemic are reeling from the economic fallout

Patient Zero, as he is known, was a 2-year-old toddler living in a village in Guinea. He was the first to die in the current Ebola epidemic. No...

Matia Chason and soccer players
January 13, 2015 Large Image
Mattia Chason, A07, M14, ventured to Africa to care for children at the Albert Schweitzer Hospital, but formed some of his strongest bonds on a dusty playing field

The small bus is rocking along a dusty rural road, its young teen occupants tossing their arms in the air and laughing, clapping and yelping their...