In the World

James Stavridis and Barack Obama
October 17, 2014 Large Image
Fletcher Dean James Stavridis recounts in a new book lessons he learned as the first naval officer to serve as military head of NATO

After five years in the Navy, James Stavridis thought he’d had enough of military life—law school beckoned. He told his commanding officer, and...

a dentist and his young patient
October 14, 2014 Large Image
A charity is born from a dentist’s desire to help a child with a disfiguring disease

Leon Klempner couldn’t say no to Saline Atieno.

The New York orthodontist had been on medical missions all over the world for 15 years,...

Rishi Manchanda at Tufts
October 14, 2014 Large Image
U.S. medicine is not delivering the value it should, says medical alumnus Rishi Manchanda, who offers a prescription for the future

The quality of American health care is not so good: we die sooner and are in poorer health than people living in Canada or France. We also pay a...

October 8, 2014 Large Image

MEDFORD/SOMERVILLE, Mass. -- Tufts University senior Summer Morrill will receive a $10,000 scholarship through the Astronaut...

scene from Leon, Nicaragua downtown
October 7, 2014 Large Image
Starting next fall, bridge-year students will protect sea otters in Brazil and provide health care in Arizona, among other community-based projects

The inaugural class of Tufts 1+4 Bridge-Year Fellows—students participating in the first year of the university’s innovative service-learning...