In the World

Brian Epstein
July 29, 2015 Large Image
In a new book, philosopher Brian Epstein challenges the field’s basic assumptions

The world is full of chaos, from financial meltdowns to government upheavals. Economists and political scientists study these issues and try to...

Sarah Shugars at OPENAIR Circus camp
July 23, 2015 Large Image
Every summer, Sarah Shugars trades her desk at Tisch College for stilts and juggling balls, helping to run the OPENAIR Circus in Somerville

In this occasional series, Tufts Now highlights the hidden talents of Tufts faculty and staff.

When most people go house...

Cole Hamels
July 20, 2015 Large Image
Tufts undergrads use their math smarts to determine savvy moves for major league managers

Pitcher Cole Hamels has spent his entire career with the Philadelphia Phillies, debuting for the big league team in 2006 and winning the World...

Michael Beckley
July 13, 2015 Large Image
Reports of U.S. decline as a superpower are greatly exaggerated, says Tufts political scientist

The United States is finished as a superpower. Or so you might think from recent media discussion. Bookstores are filled with titles such as ...

Nadim Shehadi at Tufts
July 10, 2015 Large Image
Understanding the complexities of the region is key to successful U.S. policies, says Nadim Shehadi, new director of the Fares Center

The United States needs to better understand the complexities of Middle East politics and societies in order to have an effective policy in the...