In the World

illustration of Statue of Liberty with bouquet of flowers
April 17, 2015 Large Image
Taking a cue from a small Buddhist kingdom, Tom Barefoot, A68, urges governments to rethink how they measure progress

Quick, what makes you happy? If you said economic growth, you are in the minority. When most of us think about what gives us joy in life, it’s...

heart screening event with high schoolers
April 16, 2015 Large Image
One in 350 teens is at risk for sudden cardiac arrest; Doug Grosmark, D85, helps save their lives

After Eric Paredes, a 15-year-old high school wrestler and football player, collapsed and died on the kitchen floor in 2009, his parents were...

a view of an ocean
April 13, 2015 Large Image
Biology professor studies how the increasing acidity that has come with climate change is affecting ocean life

The increasing acidity of the world’s oceans is having some pretty dire effects, including damaging coral reefs and weakening the shells of clams...

illustration of child with stalks of wheat
April 2, 2015 Large Image
Staple foods in developing countries are infested with insidious molds, and now a Friedman School professor is leading a groundbreaking study to track their effects on children

Nearly 162 million children under the age of 5 suffer from stunted growth, a condition that leads to smaller stature later in life, according to a...

bombed car in Nigerian town
March 30, 2015 Large Image
The number of wounded and killed in conflicts is almost always hard to determine and easy to manipulate, says Tufts political scientist

The Islamist insurgent group Boko Haram attacked the fishing village of Baga in northeastern Nigeria in early January. Initial reports said 150...