In the World

Kara Miller in her radio studio
July 1, 2015 Large Image
My radio show guests have taught me a few things about entrepreneurship

In 1995, the legendary venture capitalist Roger McNamee watched Jeff Bezos lay out his idea for a company. The concept was simple. Bezos would...

Jon Rogers in Maine
June 29, 2015 Large Image
Between the demands of the job and a culture of stoicism, Maine lobstermen often don't connect with better health care, but one student is trying to help

This is the second in an occasional series about a Tufts medical...

Patrick Meier
June 25, 2015 Large Image
Thanks to Patrick Meier, F12, and his colleagues, the online community can help generate maps in a flash, improving responses to emergencies worldwide

Patrick Meier was in his Boston apartment when the earth shifted 1,600 miles away. It was the afternoon of January 12, 2010, and a devastating 7.0...

Sam Sommers
June 24, 2015 Video
Sam Sommers, professor of psychology, talks about how we categorize our world and make snap judgments

The Tufts Now video series Ever Wonder features faculty and other experts answering questions...

illustration of agricultural field and African farmer
June 22, 2015 Large Image
Linda Cole, N06, F06, founded a development organization that helps women rebuild their lives in post-war zones in Africa

Soon after graduating from the Master of Arts in Humanitarian Assistance joint program at the Friedman School and the Fletcher School in 2006,...