In the World

Anthony Scaramucci
July 21, 2017 Large Image
Anthony Scaramucci, A86, A14P, founded SkyBridge Capital and had been a Fox News commentator before accepting administration post

Anthony Scaramucci, founder of the multi-billion dollar global investment firm SkyBridge Capital, was appointed by President Donald Trump as White...

tour of the Royall House
July 10, 2017 Large Image
Inspired by a beloved professor, an interactive map catalogs African-American historical sites at Tufts and nearby

Many years ago, Pearl Robinson, an associate professor of political science, was rushing to class on the Medford campus when she bumped into her...

Anthony Monaco speaks at a community forum
June 27, 2017 Large Image
President Monaco pledges to support and protect past, present and future international students and faculty

With the Supreme Court deciding on Monday to unblock portions of President Trump’s travel ban, Tufts President Anthony P. Monaco has reaffirmed...

aircraft carrier and aircraft
June 23, 2017 Large Image
A new book makes the case that the future of international security depends on sea power

Even in today’s world of drone strikes and cyberwarfare, our ability to control the seas remains a key to global security, Fletcher School Dean...

TNLC logo
June 21, 2017 Large Image
Talloires Network Leadership Conference continues discussion among top international universities about how educational institutions can work together to shape a better world

XALAPA VERACRUZ, Mexico (June 21, 2017) – More than 280 university leaders from around the world will gather at the...