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destroyed road in rural Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria
October 25, 2017 Large Image
Recovery from storm that destroyed up to 85 percent of crops will take time and effort, say Friedman School experts

The hurricane that swept through Puerto Rico on September 20 practically wiped out the island’s agricultural sector, destroying 80 to 85 percent...

maps of the Seventh Congressional District in Pennsylvania
October 24, 2017 Large Image
Those oddly shaped voting districts, usually drawn for the benefit of the party devising them, can be improved

On Oct. 3, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments in a major case about the...

Tufts students and faculty at MCI-Shirley
October 19, 2017 Large Image
New program brings Tufts students to combined class with prisoners to study literature for the benefit of both

It’s 7 a.m. on a Wednesday, not the usual time for most undergraduates to be up and about. But for students in Hilary Binda’s class Mass...

Kyla Shea at Tufts
October 18, 2017 Large Image
HNRCA community series aims to keep older adults healthy enough to live at home
Lois Gibbs at Tufts
October 17, 2017 Large Image
Longtime activist Lois Gibbs says individuals must organize to confront environmental disasters such as Love Canal—and Flint

No one knows better than Lois Gibbs, H13, what it takes to go up against government, and win.

Forty years ago, she discovered that her son’...