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photo of poster in Aleppo, Syria of Assad and Putin
January 23, 2018 Large Image
In the 1700s, Montesquieu emphasized the fragility of enlightened government, a lesson that is as relevant now as ever, says a Tufts professor

It is commonplace for citizens of liberal, democratic nations to believe that despotism is foreign to their own experiences.


an injured red-tailed hawk recuperating at Tufts Wildlife clinic
January 23, 2018 Large Image
Tufts Wildlife Clinic reports another record year for number of cases, seeing close to 4,000 patients in 2017

If you had to guess, how many red-tailed hawks would you think the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine saw in 2017: a) 5; b) 63; or c) 155?...

Eitan Hersh at Tufts
January 23, 2018 Large Image
Tufts political scientist Eitan Hersh used big data sets to uncover the truth about Texas’s 2011 voter ID legislation

In 2011, the Texas state legislature passed a bill requiring that residents present certain types of identification before being allowed to vote....

North Korean cheerleaders perform in China
January 19, 2018 Large Image
As North Korea plans to send athletes and performers to South Korea, Fletcher’s Sung-Yoon Lee warns it’s all a ploy

Having rattled the world with his aggressive nuclear weapons tests and bellicose rhetoric, North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un is extending an olive branch...

people in Sanaa in Yemen reach out for emergency food supplies
January 18, 2018 Large Image
A new book by a Fletcher research professor details the history—and future—of famine around the world

Mass starvation killed more than three million people in Stalin-era Ukraine in the 1930s and more than 18 million in China during Mao Zedong’s...