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Syrian refugees shop after receiving their humanitarian aid shopping vouchers at al-Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan, allowing them to buy food of their choice. Photo: Reuters/Muhammad Hamed
March 1, 2017 Large Image
Tufts researchers study new strategies to help feed those fleeing conflict and famine

As the ongoing refugee and migrant crisis continues to dominate international news, it has given new urgency to an age-old question: What is the...

James Stavridis at Tufts
February 24, 2017 Large Image
Of all the perils we face, cyber warfare is the one for which we are least prepared, Fletcher Dean James Stavridis tells EPIIC Symposium

The threat to U.S. security that most concerns James Stavridis, F83, F84, dean of the Fletcher School and former Supreme Allied Commander of NATO...

Elliot Ackerman
February 22, 2017 Large Image
A new novel by former Marine Elliot Ackerman focuses on hope and despair in Syria

The journalist Elliot Ackerman, A03, F03, a former Marine, landed in Gaziantep, a city of about 1.5 million in southern Turkey, in 2013 with a...

students taking notes along road in New Hampshire
February 21, 2017 Large Image
Students learn that things such as coffee shops, American flags and even Halloween decorations offer insights into voter behavior in a community

The first time Ben Kaminoff, A18, visited Manchester, New Hampshire, was last year when he was canvassing for the student group Tufts Democrats....

February 21, 2017
Protests against the executive order banning immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries show how far the U.S. has come, says Tufts political scientist Deborah Schildkraut

In 1939, the U.S. government turned away Jewish refugees from Germany, Austria and elsewhere in Europe. Three years later, when more than 2,000...