In the World

1916 Tufts football squad
December 12, 2016 Large Image
The Tufts gridiron squad featured two black players, and a determination to stave off opponents

This fall marks the hundredth anniversary of one of the most storied and important football seasons in Tufts history. As the 1916 campaign got...

parched soil in drought conditions
December 12, 2016 Large Image
The Fletcher School is launching a center to offer expert policy analysis and advice for nations implementing the Paris Agreement

Countries around the world have pledged to do something to stave off the worst effects of climate change, but many of them need help figuring out...

December 9, 2016
Two Tufts professors say the future for millions of displaced people worldwide—especially women—could be dire with a new administration hostile to foreign aid

War, persecution and natural disasters are wreaking havoc on communities across the globe. The world is currently facing the greatest need in a...

Doña Nelita Campos Rodríguez and her son
December 9, 2016 Large Image
Tufts professor worked in the Peruvian Amazon to research and document Iskonawa, now spoken by only 14 people

When a colleague’s tip led José Antonio Mazzotti, the King Felipe VI of Spain Professor of Spanish Culture and Civilization at Tufts, to a remote...

New England Patriots fan go wild.
November 28, 2016 Large Image
Psychologist Sam Sommers talks about what makes fans tick

Tufts psychologist Sam Sommers has studied plenty of intriguing behavioral issues, from...