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Students registering to vote
October 27, 2016 Large Image
Even though as a group they can sway elections, young people are less engaged in 2016 than in previous presidential contests

As Nov. 8 approaches, both Democrats and Republicans face an uphill struggle to mobilize young voters who remain somewhat unexcited about either...

Diana Chigas
October 25, 2016 Large Image
Fletcher professor Diana Chigas, F88, tapped as university’s first senior international officer

Tufts faculty have been key players in the landmark Paris climate accord; in thwarting Ebola, Zika and other infectious diseases; and in...

Danielle Weisberg at Tufts
October 21, 2016 Large Image
Danielle Weisberg, A08, co-founder of the email newsletter theSkimm, talks about business and politics

Danielle Weisberg, A08, and Carly Zakin were young producers at NBC News when they had an epiphany: female millennials who were not interested in...

voting booths
October 20, 2016 Large Image
Tisch College helped establish project to promote understanding of Question 4, about legalizing marijuana in Massachusetts

If voters know more about often complicated ballot questions, they’ll make better decisions come election time. That’s the premise driving the...

tea drying on wicker trays in China
October 19, 2016 Large Image
Tufts researchers are finding that climate change is affecting the growing and harvesting of tea, creating small differences that could have big consequences

Whether it’s a farmer’s crops or our own skin, bug bites are something few of us seek out or covet. But the nibble of a green leafhopper is the...