In the World

Howard Dean at Tufts
November 30, 2017 Large Image
Former Democratic Party chair Howard Dean tells students it’s time the next generation stepped up politically

Almost 10 years ago, former Democratic National Committee Chair Howard Dean’s implementation of the fifty-state strategy helped Barack Obama...

Memorial Steps on the Tufts campus
November 22, 2017 Large Image
President Anthony P. Monaco lays out the case against changes that harm students, families and higher education

As Congress moves forward with its tax overhaul plan, Tufts President Anthony P. Monaco is voicing concerns about provisions that he says would...

a boy in Senegal receiving an iron supplement
November 22, 2017 Large Image
Tufts researchers are hunting for a safer supplement to use in malaria-endemic countries

Treating iron deficiency—the most common nutritional deficiency in the world—is a double-edged sword. Iron supplements help, but in a paradox that...

Joseph Dunford at Tufts
November 15, 2017 Large Image
Fletcher alum Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, tells a Tufts audience about U.S. responses to cyber attacks, North Korea, and other military challenges

General Joseph F. Dunford Jr., F92, is confident that the United States can defend against the current threat posed by North Korea, but the...

Melissa McInereny at Tufts
November 9, 2017 Large Image
A Tufts researcher is quantifying Medicaid participation rates among low-income seniors, and the policy implications could be huge

Medicare and Medicaid—the federal programs that provide health coverage for more than 100 million Americans—cost $1 trillion annually. That number...