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Two adults show a karate move to a young patient at a hospital
February 14, 2018 Large Image
Rob Brockman, A84, helps bring martial arts program to pediatric oncology patients at the Floating Hospital

Young cancer patients don’t have too much control over their health, but studies have found that practicing martial arts can help alleviate the...

American speed skater competing at 2018 winter Olympics
February 13, 2018 Large Image
Three questions with psychology professor Sam Sommers about competition, fans, and the Olympics

As skiers, snowboarders, and figure skaters start what for most is the biggest competition of their lives at the Winter Olympics in South Korea,...

Larry Bacow at Tufts commencement in May 2011
February 12, 2018 Large Image
Bacow enhanced the undergraduate experience and fostered active citizenship while at the university

Lawrence S. Bacow, H12, who was president of Tufts from 2001 to 2011, has been named Harvard’s twenty-ninth president. While at Tufts, Bacow...

Al Gore at Tufts
February 8, 2018 Large Image
Al Gore told a Tufts audience that a sustainability revolution is possible, but political will is necessary

As a student at Harvard University watching two presidents lie about the Vietnam War, Al Gore knew he never wanted to get involved with such a...

Eric Washington at Tufts, with a group of students
February 7, 2018 Large Image
Eric Washington, A76, former chief judge of the District of Columbia Court of Appeals, says we need to create a more fair legal system

For more than two decades, the Washington, D.C. court’s bail system has been very different than most around the country. Unless the accused are...