Tufts in the News

Feb 28, 2020
Can Dogs Get Coronavirus?
Cummings School professor Jonathan Runstadler comments on the likelihood of dogs contracting the coronavirus.
Feb 28, 2020
The Flaw in Intermittent Fasting
The HNRCA’s Alice H. Lichtenstein writes a letter to the editor noting an alternative approach to intermittent fasting in response to a column entitled “Intermittent Fasting: Its Benefits and Risks.”
Feb 26, 2020
Are the Houston Astros Irredeemable Cheaters? Or Are They All of Us?
Psychology professor Sam Sommers delves into research on the psychology of cheating to examine the latest Major League Baseball scandal involving the Houston Astros.
Feb 24, 2020
New Center Aims to Shed Light--Through Data--on State Policy
Tisch College’s Center for State Policy Analysis (cSPA) executive director Evan Horowitz discusses the newly launched center, which will provide real-time analysis of legislation, state policies, and ballot questions in Massachusetts.

Ask the Expert

Marlene Wolfe, EG19, who received a Ph.D. in civil and environmental engineering and conducted a systematic review of the effectiveness of handwashing practices, explains
Emily McCobb, V00, VG02, director of Cummings School’s Shelter Medicine Program, responds

In Brief

Tufts Green Fund proposals bring fresh ideas to the challenge of sustainability
William Masters at the Friedman School is one of five new Agricultural & Applied Economics Association fellows


The top-seeded Jumbos lost to third-seeded Bowdoin in the NESCAC championship on March 1, but head to the NCAAs next weekend

The Jumbos held off eighth-seeded Wesleyan in NESCAC quarterfinal action, and advance to semifinal play