Tufts in the News

Mar 24, 2019
Companies Are Looking for New Ways to Recruit Diversity. So Should They Consider GPA?
UEP Professor Emeritus James Jennings comments on why lower grades don’t always reflect intellectual ineffectiveness, noting that “everyone does not start at the same starting line” in terms of support systems and backgrounds. This article discusses a push to get companies to focus on skills, and less on GPAs, during job recruitment.
Mar 20, 2019
What Happens When We Run Out of Food?
Fletcher’s Alex de Waal discusses the re-emergence of famine in this article exploring the worst case scenario of worldwide food shortages.
Mar 14, 2019
Facebook's 'Pivot' Is Less About Privacy, and More About Profits
Fletcher School professor Bhaskar Chakravorti analyzes Facebook’s recent announcement of a shift toward a “privacy-focused” vision, noting that “the changes will be difficult to execute and will not happen soon.”
Mar 14, 2019
Museums Need to Move with the Times--That's Why Deaccessioning Isn't Always Bad News
Art historian Andrew McClellan explains how museums could make their collections more diverse and reflective of the communities they serve by securing new acquisition funds through the sale of their artwork.

Ask the Expert

Deborah Linder, V09, SK16, head of the Tufts Obesity Clinic for Animals, explains
Annie Wayne, V11, VG11, and Lindsey Krupa, V19, from the emergency and critical care department at the Henry and Lois Foster Hospital for Small Animals, explain

In Brief

Physician Fatima Cody Stanford tells a Tufts audience how bias about obesity and overweight is damaging patients
The Tufts Green Fund this year supports five new campus projects—from an Edible Insect Festival to the SMFA Health, Safety, and Sustainability Day


The No. 6 Jumbos netted a season-high 24 goals in a 24-10 victory over non-conference opponent Babson College, and notched a 17-10 conference win over No. 9 Wesleyan

Tufts (15-4) scored three runs in the bottom of the eighth and turned a 1-2-3 double play in the top of the ninth to end a dramatic 5-4 victory over Keene State College