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Nov 30, 2018
CRISPRed Food: How Gene Editing Is Expected to Change the World's Crops--and Supermarket Shelves
Friedman School professor Tim Griffin comments on the role gene editing could play in our food system.
Nov 27, 2018
If Pyongyang Builds It, They Will Come and Pay
In this opinion piece, Fletcher’s Sung-Yoon Lee discusses why future nuclear negotiations between the United States and North Korea will continue to fail until the U.S. maximizes “the single most powerful tool it has — sustained enforcement of targeted financial sanctions” to enforce denuclearization compliance.
Nov 26, 2018
Gene Edit Claim Alarms Scientists
Professor Sheldon Krimsky voices concerns over claims that Chinese scientists have edited the genes of twin babies, making them immune to HIV. Krimsky says the scientists are “acting outside of the norms of the scientific community.”
Nov 21, 2018
Why Bigotry Is a Public Health Problem
Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry Ronald W. Pies tells why he believes that bigotry should be considered a public health problem, and how it can be addressed.

Ask the Expert

Chris Whittier, V97, research assistant professor of conservation medicine at Cummings School, explains
Sucharita Kher, assistant professor at the School of Medicine and director of the Tufts Medical Center Outpatient Pulmonary Clinic, gives the lowdown

In Brief

The initiative offers money for sustainability-related projects on all Tufts campuses
The soccer team is headed to the Final Four, while field hockey came up short in the NCAA championship


The 18-2 Jumbos will play in the national semifinals November 17-18 in Manheim, Pennsylvania

For the third year in a row, the 14-0-3 Jumbos will host the NCAA Division III Men’s Soccer Championship Sweet 16 and Elite Eight games November 17-18