Introducing Tufts Now

The university now has a single website for news, events, social media, blogs, videos and more

Want to be in the know?

Then you need to know about Tufts Now, the university’s new one-stop site for all things Tufts: news, events, social media, blogs, videos, photography and more. This site replaces the Tufts Journal and E-News.

Take a poll that measures the pulse of the Tufts community; discover the latest great reads by Tufts authors; understand the mysteries unraveled by health science researchers; catch up with students on and off campus; track some of our illustrious alumni; and see how Tufts scholars are creating social policy.

This information hub, launched by the University Relations Division in February 2011, combines the best of Tufts’ news and event channels into a single, dynamic site that is enlightening, entertaining and easy to navigate—in other words, a perfect profile of Tufts in words and images.

For those readers of the award-winning Tufts Journal and E-News, you will continue to find the same top-shelf stories and profiles about Tufts people, research, scholarship and teaching. Their merger into an expanded online experience improves their quality and depth.

The Tufts Journal was founded in 1980 as the official university newspaper. It first appeared online in 2001. E-News, launched in 1999, was Tufts’ first online news publication. Now they are joined and recast as Tufts Now. (The Tufts Journal and E-News websites will remain online as archives, which are accessible through the search box in Tufts Now.)

All the news and features, including People Notes and Ask the Expert, from the Tufts Journal and E-News are part of Tufts Now. But the new information hub also contains some great additions: a Spotlight section that beams in on the best photography and multimedia, weekly polls and Tufts in the News, which highlights coverage of the university in the external news media.

At Tufts Now you can cycle between features, photos and videos or get firsthand perspectives on life at Tufts via our featured blogs. You can check out the buzz by logging in to the Tufts Twitter and Facebook communities—and pursue your personal interests by searching the Arts & Culture, Campus Life, Health & Science and In the World sections.

You can sign up for the Tufts Now biweekly email newsletter or subscribe to RSS feeds for instant updates. And you can share content with your social networks or recommend stories to others.

Do you have an idea for Tufts Now? Would you like to contribute content? We want to hear from you:


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