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The Tufts community shares its wisdom and recommendations with the class of 2015

When new students arrive on the Hill each year, their questions typically outnumber their suitcases. Where should I eat? How do I get to Davis Square? And what song should I queue up on my iPod to kick off the next four years of my life?

Leading up to the arrival of the newest crop of Jumbos, we asked our Facebook and Twitter communities to share their insights with the class of 2015.

What do you wish you knew as a freshmen?

If you live downhill, don't boycott uphill, and vice-versa! Get out and get to know your campus.

Jeremy Goldstein, A01

Wish I'd known about the Academic Resource Center and got more free help studying (especially for my French exams). Also, not to be scared or intimidated by upperclassmen. I remember asking a guy once where he lived and he said “Latin Way.” I thought he was part of the Greek life on campus, which totally intimidated me and I was embarrassed. Years later, I just felt like a dork for the whole conversation.

Sandra Fried Fogleman, A01

Don't be afraid of failing; this is your time to experiment and find out who you really are and who you are going to be. You'll learn more from your mistakes than you'll ever learn from being cautious.

Adam Conn, A91

Here are some tips from a former RA to first-years:

  • Meet a lot of new people by keeping your door open when you are just hanging out.
  • Check out all those extracurricular activities you always were curious about; you will meet some great friends here, too.
  • College is not all about academics; it's a big part, but don't let once-in-a-lifetime opportunities pass you by.
  • Do not be afraid to ask for help; the academic and mental health support services are widely used on campus, and they are really great if you ever need help.

Matthew DiGirolamo, E11

Some of the people you meet then will be your friends for the rest of your life. Seriously.

Lisa Romeo Thompson, E78

That I would meet my future husband on the first day of IO [International Orientation].

Joellen Easton Gaseidnes, A99

Hang out with professors you get along with as much as possible. They'll have all kinds of advice about classes, letters of recommendation, looking for jobs/internships, getting research experience… and they tend to be awesome people. Office hours are a beautiful, beautiful thing—take advantage of them!

Liz Lynch, A12

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What songs are on your back-to-school playlist? Or what were the songs that defined your college experience? 

“Pumped Up Kicks,” Foster the People

Lenora Smith, A13

“I’m Shipping Up to Boston,” Dropkick Murphys

Nick Bayhi, E13

“Boston,” Augustana

Rachel Doyle, A14

“We're Going to be Friends,” The White Stripes

Veronica Richter, A13

“Don't Stop Believing,” Journey

Yulia Korovikov, A13

“Time to Pretend,” MGMT

Fiona Weeks‎, A14

“The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song,” The Flaming Lips

Connor Gramazio, A12

“Fly Like An Eagle,” Steve Miller Band

President Anthony P. Monaco

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What are your favorite hangouts just down the road from campus?

In Somerville, we got votes for Diesel Café, Dave’s Fresh Pasta, Sound Bites, the Somerville Theatre and Lyndell’s Bakery (“Best. Cupcakes. Ever,” according to Alyssa Edoo, E11). On the Medford side, Jumbos chimed in for the Danish Pastry House and Bob’s Food (“The best Italian deli!” raves Jenna Dargie, A11).

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What are your Tufts secrets?

Get to the library around meal times. People leave for a little while and you get a better pick of seats :)

Alyssa Edoo, E11

Take advantage of Boston's great transit system and get into this incredible, historic city often.

Kevin Boyle, A78

To the engineers: Don't waste your electives. You don't get too many. Choose wisely!

Brian Muse, E09

Check out some of the other libraries on campus for your studying needs. There's often plenty of room in the Music Library, it was always my favorite place on campus to work.

Andrew Tung, A09

Don't nap for more than 20 or 30 minutes, otherwise it throws off your sleep schedule and you wake up feeling worse.

Katie Meisel, A12

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