TEAM Progress Report

Faculty and staff encouraged to provide more feedback on recommendations

The Tufts Effectiveness in Administrative Management (TEAM) initiative recently released a Progress Report to Facilitate Further Discussion and Deliberation within the Tufts Community. The report was released from the Offices of the President and Executive Vice President and outlines the following:

-- Why TEAM is necessary;

-- The scope of TEAM;

-- How TEAM will impact our work;

-- What we have learned to date about Research Administration, Procurement, Information    Technology, Human Resources, Finance, Web Services, Advancement and Operations;

-- What has been decided on and what requires further discussion and deliberation;

-- How TEAM will continue to engage with the Tufts community.

-- There will be opportunities for faculty and staff to meet this spring to discuss and deliberate how best to implement the opportunities identified by TEAM.

Visit the TEAM website to see when informal Q&A drop-in hours for faculty and staff have been scheduled on each campus, as well as TEAM office hours in March and April.

TEAM was launched in early 2013 to examine ways in which to improve administrative effectiveness and efficiency at Tufts, largely in response to the financial challenges confronting higher education.

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