GDAE Joins Forces with UN Agency

Tufts’ Global Development and Environment Institute will collaborate with UNCTAD on research to promote stable world markets

Tufts’ Global Development and Environment Institute (GDAE), a center of expertise in economics, policy, science and technology, has established a research partnership with a United Nations agency to develop policy options to promote sustainable income growth and employment in the global economy.

Economists from GDAE and the U.N. body known as UNCTAD will work with an international team of experts to assess the impact of international trade and investment agreements and other events on world markets. The work will assist policymakers around the world.

Jeronim Capaldo, a GDAE senior researcher, was in Geneva this spring for the first phase of the project, during which the team compiled a global database of macroeconomic data for almost every country in the world from 1970 to 2013.

“This wealth of information allows us to identify fundamental structures of the global economy and understand the effects of major events, such as a change in the pace of growth in China or a reform of international trade rules,” says Capaldo.

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