Halloween Roundup: The Ghost of Stories Past

On the cusp of All Hallows Eve, some haunting reading for you from our archives

You wouldn’t think university news could be so macabre, but it turns out that Tufts can be a frightfully interesting place.

The class Vampires in Civilization proved to have real bite, while a dental school alum fashioned fearsome, functional fangs built to last through multiple stage killings.

Then there’s the alumnus who raises corpses—of a sort. A famous writer resurrected witches, and a Fletcher professor went and harnessed the power of zombies.

And don’t get us started on creepy-crawly things... like the worms growing back their brains and memories after decapitation.

If this is all too terrifying for your taste, you can steer your reading to the sweeter side of Tufts. Trick-or-treat for the skinny on why we crave sweets and chocolate.

And don’t forget to knock on the door of the alum elected to the Candy Hall of Fame.

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