What Makes an Entrepreneur?

Tufts alumni talk about the business of pursuing big ideas to solve problems

More than a dozen Tufts alumni—with experiences ranging from venture capital and startups to nonprofits—tell what it means to them to be an entrepreneur, bringing insights from their professional lives. One notion stands out above all the others: no matter what the setting or situation, entrepreneurs are problem solvers.

Entrepreneurship “is knowing that you will get to the end, and not letting go of your goal, but letting go of how you get there,” says Chuck Auster, A73, founder and CEO of Auster Capital Partners. “It’s going with the flow and yet still saying, ‘I won’t quit until I get there.’ ”

Steffan Hacker, Tufts’ multimedia producer, can be reached at steffan.hacker@tufts.edu.  

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