Tufts Is a Top Pick

Thanks in part to a record number of early decision applicants, the acceptance rate for the undergraduate Class of 2019 may well be the lowest ever

campus tour in front of Tisch library

Tufts continues to be a top destination for undergraduates, as some 19,064 high school students applied to join the Class of 2019. That’s almost exactly the number who applied last year, but the percentage of those admitted will likely drop below last year’s 17.2 percent. That’s because more admitted students than ever are opting to come to Tufts, says Lee Coffin, dean of admissions.

The continued strong interest in Tufts is due to several main factors, says Coffin. “Students are responding to academic excellence across many disciplines, with clear interest in our interdisciplinary approach as well as the opportunities for undergraduates to conduct research,” he says.

“But we’re also seeing strong appreciation for the ‘vibe’ of Tufts. We ask ‘Why Tufts?’ as part of the application, and many applicants are highlighting their impression that we offer academic excellence in a down-to-earth, collaborative environment. That’s a winning combination.”

That is particularly evident in the number of students choosing the early decision route. Applications for that binding option rose 7 percent, to 1,842—an all-time high. It is the fifth consecutive record for early decision applications, indicating that more students are declaring Tufts as their first choice, Coffin says.

The School of Engineering continues to be a strong pull, with 3,670 applications for approximately 210 spots. “Engineering’s popularity is a function of the dynamic curriculum and research profile of our engineering faculty, as well as practical interest in the value of such a degree in the professional world,” says Coffin. “Computer science has been a particularly hot program.”

Applications from international students rose 5 percent, to a new record of 3,018. Among domestic applicants, the most are from Massachusetts, New York and California.

Letters of admission to the Class of 2019 will be emailed in late March.

Taylor McNeil can be reached at taylor.mcneil@tufts.edu.

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