Tufts Distinction Awards Winners

Individuals and teams commended for their service will be honored on June 9

Tufts is honoring 10 people and five teams with Tufts Distinction Awards for their dedication, talent and innovation in service to the university.

The award categories and their recipients this year are:

The Champion of Collaboration Award, for successfully building diverse and productive relationships across and beyond the university:

Center for Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (CELT) staff, Office of the Provost: Ed Morgan, Donna Qualters, Alicia Russell, Annie Soission and Roberta Sullivan

GPR/AED Program Team, School of Dental Medicine: Diran Balekian, Catherine Caponigro, Elizabeth Costa, Jacinda Frye, Jianjun Li, Kimberly Panagopoulos, Hana Sadi, La-Kansa Sitcheron, Diana Strachan and Gina Terenzi

The Agent of Innovation Award, for creating new paths to excellence:

Donna Reilly, staff, Treasury Operations

Jamilah Welch, staff, Fletcher School

Massive Open Online Course Project Team, Tufts Technology Services and School of Medicine: Susan Albright, Kyle Anderson, Paul Bergen, Haejung Chung, Candace Girard, Jeffrey Griffiths, David Grogan, David Gute, William O’Brien, Bryan Revis and Carolyn Talmadge

University-wide Fundraising Initiative: Mark Adzigian, Kosta Alexis, Soraya Alivandi, Torrey Androski, TJ Archfield, Rob Ayles, Cheryl Benoit, Adam Bissonette, Marianne Blaney, Liza Bruno, Lindsey Collins, Gina DeSalvo, Sean Devendorf, Tara DiDomenico, Molly Feeley, Rosanne Gautreau, Lauren Hall, Nicole Hallahan, Kristin Hill, Jeremy Hynes, Mini Jaikumar, Fran Kantor, Jonathan Kaplan, Rachel Laquidara, Bill Lavin, Kezia Lawler, Elena Lee, Margot Lenhart, Amy Lipsitz, Julia Lowe, Cindy LuBien, Rosemary Macmullin, Nancy Mahler, Miriam McLean, Kelly Melcher, Robin Melendez, Paula Menzel, Karen Micale, Kim Moniz, Stephanie Mullervy, Julie O'Connor, Craig O'Donnell, Michele Ohanian, Michael Oliveira, Susan Peecher, Chris Pinault, Kaitlin Provencher, Rob Sanderson, Rebekah Scaduto, Matt Scheck, Ellen Schuette, Andy Twomey, Beatriz Valdez, Michael Wiley, Craig Williams and Tom Williams

The Extraordinary Colleague Award, for surpassing expectations:

Mary Ann Buonomo, staff, Tufts Support Services

Kathy Mundhenk, staff, Financial Services

Rima Chaddha Mycynek, staff, School of Medicine

David Proctor, A94, G01, G10, lecturer, Department of History

Cynthia Rubino, staff, Fletcher School

Keleigh Sanford, staff, Biomedical Engineering

Stacey Sperling, staff, Health Services

Janine Stuczko, staff, Cummings School

Executive Vice President Administrative Team staff: Pamela Dill and Pamela Gratiano

The ceremony takes place on Thursday, June 9, at 10 a.m. in Cohen Auditorium in the Aidekman Arts Center, 40 Talbot Ave., on the Medford/Somerville campus. A buffet luncheon will follow.

Bus service will be provided from the Grafton and Boston campuses. Remote viewing locations will be set up on the Boston and Grafton campuses. Check locations online.

This marks the ninth year of the Distinction Awards. The selection committee received nearly 130 nominations for more than 80 individuals and teams from across the university. This list, as well as the full list of this year’s nominees, is available on the Distinction Awards website.

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