HR Information Now on AccessTufts

Benefits, resources, retirement help all collected in easy-to-use website

AccessTufts is the new online home for all information for staff and faculty managed by Human Resources.

The enhanced AccessTufts went live on April 18 at the same time Human Resources launched a new homepage tailored for potential employees and faculty—and with links to AccessTufts.

Julien Carter, vice president of human resources, said his department has migrated more than 100 pages of content to AccessTufts, which centralized tools and resources for university administrative tasks when it launched in January.

Now, under the site’s “Get Work Done” tab, faculty and staff will find an array of information on topics including commuter benefits, tuition reimbursement, health plans, family benefits, pet insurance, resources for managers and employees who want to advance their careers, and retirement investment fund options. People going through life events such as getting married, having or adopting a child, dealing with illness or injury, or getting ready for retirement can find comprehensive information on available resources under the “Life & Career Changes” tab.

“We’ve taken this opportunity to complete a total refresh and rethinking of how we present information,” said Carter. “Faculty and staff will now be able to get more complete answers. If you’re anticipating maternity leave, for example, we will give you everything you need beyond the leave itself—from how to find day care, utilize flexible spending and learn more about health insurance.”

This more comprehensive approach, he said, will help clarify the benefits that Tufts offers staff and faculty. “Tufts has great benefits—it’s a progressive employer—but we needed to do a better job of helping people understand them,” Carter said. “Our challenge was how to take all this good information out of the shadows and help people take full advantage of all Tufts offers.”

Those involved in the development of AccessTufts will continue to “map the way users think about content,” said Thom Cox, design director at Tufts Technology Services. “That is central to our philosophy: we need to understand how people go about work and daily life, and then we can build a site that is easy and intuitive for them to navigate.”

AccessTufts will continue to evolve; you may share your feedback and ideas with the AccessTufts service team via a feedback form on the site or by sending an email to

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