Faculty Senate Appointments Announced

University-wide body will meet monthly in the academic year beginning in September

The Office of the Provost and Senior Vice President has announced appointments to the first university-wide faculty senate.    

According to its bylaws, the senate will provide input on university-wide plans and policies, foster collaboration among the schools, and consult with the president, provost and school deans to offer recommendations on matters of academic and non-academic administration. The senate will meet monthly during the academic year. As a general rule, its meetings will be open to all members of the university. It will begin meeting regularly in September.

The executive committee officers, elected for one-year terms, are Jeswald Salacuse, the Henry J. Braker Professor of Law at the Fletcher School, senate president; Lynne Pepall, professor of economics, senate vice president; and Melissa Mazan, professor of clinical sciences at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, senate secretary.

Also serving on the executive committee are Chris Swan, associate professor in civil and environmental engineering, and John Castellot, professor in integrative physiology and pathobiology.

Representation on the 29-member faculty senate is proportional to the number of faculty at each of Tufts’ eight schools. (The president and provost will serve as non-voting members.) The standard term is three years. Each school has elected representatives to the senate as follows:

School of Arts and Sciences: Fulton Gonzalez, mathematics; Eulogio Guzman, visual and critical studies, School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts; Vida Johnson, international literary and cultural studies; Mitch McVey, biology; Pearl Robinson, political science; and Roger Tobin, physics and astronomy

Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine: Gillian Beamer, infectious disease and global health, and Andrew Hoffman, clinical sciences

School of Dental Medicine: Boris Bacanurschi, comprehensive care; Roger Galburt, prosthodontics; and Ali Muftu, prosthodontics

School of Engineering: Jeff Hopwood, electrical and computer; Rob Jacob, computer science; and Chris Swan, civil and environmental  

Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy: Antonia Chayes, international politics and law, and Lawrence Weiss, international accounting

Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy: Will Masters, food and nutrition policy; Nirupa Matthan, nutrition; and Norbert Wilson, food policy

School of Medicine: Ginny Chomitz, public health and community medicine; Janet Forrester, public health and community medicine; Roman Schumann, anesthesiology and perioperative medicine; and Lelan Sillin, surgery

Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences: John Castellot, integrative physiology and pathobiology; Brent Cochran, developmental, molecular and chemical biology; and Henry Wortis, integrative physiology and pathobiology

Laura Ferguson can be reached at laura.ferguson@tufts.edu.

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