COVID-19: The Tufts Community Responds

Students, faculty, alumni, parents, and staff have all contributed to help deal with the pandemic in many ways. Here are 19, and counting

From the first moments of the COVID-19 pandemic, members of the Tufts community from far and wide have gone the extra mile to help those in need and each other.

Tufts students have helped repair N95 masks and devised solutions to create new operating room masks. Tufts faculty have come up with ways to help monitor the health of older adults and responded to questions about how COVID-19 attacks the body and how viruses work. Tufts alumni have generously given to support students in need. Tufts parents donated tens of thousands of masks. And the university opened its doors to the local community to support those in need.

The students “made a real and substantive impact on health-care workers on the front lines of COVID-19,” said Abigail Linnington, professor of the practice at the Fletcher School.  

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