The Right Way to Work From Home

Tufts OT students offer tips for setting up your workspace

Did you, like countless other people, find yourself working from home on short notice? Does your makeshift office consist of a sofa and a laptop? Then some Tufts occupational therapy students have a bit of timely advice for you.

When the pandemic hit, second-year master’s degree students Louisa Bradberry, Brady Eggleston, and Patricia Mygas were doing fieldwork with Rina Drake, an occupational therapist who performs ergonomic evaluations for biotech companies.

That’s when most people had to start working from home. So their instructor, Janet Brooks, A82, a senior lecturer, asked them to take what they had learned and create this infographic. The goal was to capture what they would ask clients to do—through proper set up and stretches—to prevent repetitive stress injuries that can come from prolonged computer work-station use.

Because the advice is useful to anyone working from home right now, they are sharing it with the Tufts community. To all the sore backs and stiff necks out there, you’re welcome. And get off that sofa.

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