Local Artists Invited to Submit Works to Student-Founded Online Art Exhibit, Competition

The Boxed Art Gallery logo.

Tufts University, in collaboration with artist and School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University (SMFA) student Ned Carlson, is inviting local artists to submit their work to be featured on The Boxed Art Gallery, a new online gallery that seeks to use art to uplift, unite, and inspire conversations among people across the Greater Boston area during the pandemic. 

 The winning submission from artists in each of Tufts’ host communities of Boston, Medford, and Somerville will be awarded a $500 prize. There will also be a prize for top submission from a Tufts student. There is no entry fee for submissions. Entries will be accepted until April 2. 

The Boxed Art Gallery was created by Carlson to foster connections between artists in Tufts’ host communities during a time of increased isolation due to COVID-19. 

 “With topics such as COVID-19, systemic racial oppression, economic inequality, and a slew of other issues creating anxiety and driving people apart, we believe that a platform that brings people together to share powerful art is more important than ever,” said Carlson.  

 The prizes are made possible by a donation from the Office of Government and Community Relations at Tufts University. The Boxed Art Gallery is also supported by the Jonathan M. Tisch College at Tufts University and the SMFA. 

 “I’m thrilled to work with Ned Carlson, the SMFA, and local art organizations on this project,” said Rocco DiRico, director of government and community relations. Art has a unique way of bringing people together. Ned has found a very creative way to bring our students and local artists together with his innovative online gallery.” 

 The Boxed Art Gallery contest is juried by a team of experts in the art world and includes the following individuals from the Tufts, Boston, Medford, and Somerville: 

  • Nancy Bauer, dean of academic affairs for Arts and Sciences at SMFA 
  • Nandi Bynoe, associate dean of diversity and inclusion at Tufts 
  • Ned Carlson, student at SMFA at Tufts University 
  • Caleb Davis, administrative director at SMFA 
  • Stephanie McKay, co-chair of the Medford Arts Council 
  • Iaritza Menjivar, event manager at the Somerville Arts Council 
  • Danielle Moriarty, co-chair of the Medford Arts Council 
  • Cynthia Woo, director of the Pao Arts Center 

To learn more about The Boxed Art Gallery, please visit www.boxedartgallery.com. All questions regarding the exhibit should be directed to the Government and Community Relations office at Tufts University by emailing CommunityRelations@tufts.edu or calling 617- 627-3780.  

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