Meet Ishan Ahuja, E23

School: School of Engineering

Degree: Bachelor of Science

Home: Geographically, Albany, New York—but more wherever my family and friends are

Why was Tufts the right place for you?

It’s been what I was hoping for when I was going from high school to college—challenging and enriching but also just fun. I’ve had the opportunity to solve a lot of problems, meet a lot of new people, and learn so much.

Your favorite place on campus?

It’s a tie between two: The Science and Technology Center and Fisher Performance Hall in Granoff. SciTech is where all of my major classes have been. Being in the same couple rooms with the same people over the last two or three years, being confused about lectures and laughing together in class, grinding through problem sets outside of class—it’s helped us bond, and the place has almost become a second home for me.

Fisher is where I’ve had wind ensemble rehearsals for the last four years. It’s always been a place where I know I’ll have fun—going there and being able to play music with an inspiring conductor and amazing people has been something I’ve looked forward to every week during my time here.

What’s one thing you did at Tufts that would most surprise your first-year self?

I joined a dance team in my sophomore year. That was something I never thought I would do: I’m a bad dancer, and it was so out of my comfort zone! But I wanted to find another group to interact with on campus and just try something new. Dancing didn’t stick, but the community I found was awesome, and it was a great experience to take a risk that I never thought I’d take.

What does it mean to you now to be a Jumbo?

One thing I heard about Tufts before coming here was that everyone takes what they do seriously without taking themselves seriously. I think that’s accurate. It means that there’s an openness among people here, which creates a real sense of community.

With everything we’ve been through as a community—including the pandemic, which was a real ride—we’ve always come together for each other. I’ve always felt a great deal of support here, both in and outside of class, from professors and peers alike, and I know I’ll carry my friendships and experiences with me.

That’s one thing I learned at Tufts: the importance of friendships. The skills I picked up in class are obviously important, but what’s more important, and what will stick with me, is the people: learning from friends, spending time with them, and trying to be a good friend myself. That’s what it is to be a Jumbo.

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