Meet Nino Sakvarelidze, F23

School: The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy

Degree: Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy

Home: I’ve always thought of myself both as a citizen of my country, Georgia, and as a global citizen.

What’s been the focus of your studies?

Originally, I was planning to study conflict resolution, but in my first semester, I decided to take a risk and look into a field I hadn’t yet explored. Eventually, I settled on finance and investment banking as my first concentration and technology as my second. So, I ended up somewhere very different from where I began.

Something surprising you learned about yourself during your time at Fletcher?

Even if I decided against studying conflict resolution, I have learned that I can be good at it. At least, on a personal level that’s true. I was surprised at Fletcher to realize that the people around me frequently open up to me about difficulties they face—somehow, they expect me to help them resolve the situation. When I talk things through with them, we manage to sort it out together. I’d like to further develop these personal skills, because I realize that no matter where I go, no matter which industry I end up working in, there will always be issues to resolve.

What do you consider to be your superpower?

When I was a kid, sometimes my family would call me persistent. (Sometimes they’d call me stubborn; it depended on what was happening at the moment!) But whatever you call it, that characteristic has been there since childhood.

Going for the investment banking field certainly requires persistence. It’s a difficult industry to break into even when you’re a student from the United States, and it’s especially difficult if you don’t come to it with an MBA; the fact that you’re from a different country adds to the challenge. But, I just kept trying and kept trying until I broke into the field, and starting in July, I will be working at an investment bank.

Complete the following statement: “Because of Tufts, I…”

Finally know where I’m going. I have a five-year plan, a ten-year plan. I know what direction I want to head in and where my ambitions will take me.

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