Meet Subin Cho, A23 (BFA)

School: School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts

Degree: Bachelor of Arts

Favorite medium to work in: Printmaking

Why was Tufts the right place for you?

I liked that there’s no foundation course for first-year students and no grading for the studio courses. That made it easier for me to take the classes I actually wanted to take and to explore artmaking broadly instead of worrying about getting a good grade. I was able to take classes in painting, ceramics, and even virtual reality. That last one I never expected to take—and I didn’t like it much, to be honest, but I’m glad I took it because now I know that that aspect of digital art-making doesn’t appeal to me.

What’s one thing you’ve done at Tufts that has surprised you?

When I first came to Tufts, I’d never taken classes taught in English before, and I hadn’t had any direct exposure to American culture. As a complete foreigner, I was struggling a lot. But the faculty and administrators, along with my peers, welcomed and encouraged me, and they helped me feel like a part of the community. Ultimately, I improved my ability to understand and speak English a great deal—I was surprised by how much. Most importantly, I became comfortable here in a way I didn’t think I would.

Where do you imagine you’ll be in 10 years?

I’m planning to find a job and then apply to the master printer program at Tamarind Institute, a printmaking studio in New Mexico that specializes in lithography. That’s my big goal for now. After that, I might apply to grad school.

One thing you’ve learned here that you’ll take with you into your career?

How to try new things. I learned to trust myself more, which gave me confidence. I met amazing people who want to support me. I now understand how important it is to keep trying new things, even when you’re afraid to.

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