Tufts Giving Tuesday Is a Global Rallying Call ‘To Give What You Can’

Tufts volunteers poised to support the annual day of giving on November 28

For Ben Connelly, A19, the upcoming #TuftsGivingTuesday is a chance to say a heartfelt “thank you” to Tufts.

A former captain of the lacrosse team, he followed his American Studies degree with a master’s in higher education administration at Northwestern. He’s now enjoying his job as a higher education associate at Huron Consulting in Chicago.

Every year our 2019 lacrosse class always says, ‘Let's hold ourselves accountable and give back to the program,’ ” said Connelly, who’s also a volunteer for the university’s young alumni engagement and fundraising group, BOLD (short for ’Bos of the Last Decade).

“It's definitely a collective rallying call. The time we spent at Tuftswhether it was in the classroom or athletics or clubsthose years made us who we are today. Giving Tuesday is a great time to pay it forward so others can have the same opportunities we enjoyed.”

And every donor on #TuftsGivingTuesday also can take away the satisfaction that they’ve done something goodalong with thousands of other people.

“In one day, you can have an exhilarating experience that reconnects you to Tufts,” he said. “The most important thing to remember is that you can give what you can. Any amount is appreciated and adds to the momentum and success of #TuftsGivingTuesday.”

Connelly will be among the thousands who will show their gratitude, pride, and loyalty to the university on #TuftsGivingTuesday on November 28.

Once again, the annual day of giving will funnel gifts into immediate and far-reaching support for students and faculty. In 2022, the Tufts global community donated $3.9 million. This year, the goal is to surpass 8,000 donors by the time tallying ends at midnight.

The university’s new president, Sunil Kumar, is among those impressed by the collective generosity that Giving Tuesday ignites.

“I am delighted that Giving Tuesday engages the Tufts community both locally and around the world,” he said. “It underscores what I feel: that this place is special, and people really love Tufts. I am proud to join in this Tufts tradition and can’t wait to watch us come together in support of students and the entire Tufts community on November 28.” 

Alumni who are at the ready to make #TuftsGivingTuesday a success include Will Stephens, A98, of Hong Kong, who aims to ignite giving by establishing a matching challengeone of more than 70 being plannedthat will directly appeal to international parents and alumni.

Giving Tuesday is a special day because the whole Tufts community comes together and you feel connected with Jumbos from all across the globe, no matter where you live,” said Stephens. “I hope to inspire more fellow international alums, parents, and friends of Tufts to participate this year."

As always, a coordinated network of Tufts alumni volunteers, students, and staff are poised to make every minute of #TuftsGivingTuesday count and rally giving by capitalizing on social media.

Tufts fans can follow activity across Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Another way to see giving progress as it happens is on the giving site itself; the donor count is updated in real time and leaderboards will show the number of donors stepping up for each reunion class year or for a team or club sport.

This year, student organizations, athletics teams, and programs had the chance to participate in media days prior to #TuftsGivingTuesday to create videos and share content that builds awareness in their own social networks. Another media day will also be held on November 28 on the Medford/Somerville campus for another opportunity to show the impact of funding on student life; dozens of students groups have shown interest in participating.

In addition, another video will describe #TuftsGivingTuesday’s role in enriching the overall student experience, with original poetry and narration by Ayomide Oloyede, A25.

On #TuftsGiving Tuesday, donors can support any school or program of their choice. With increasing university focus on the arts and humanities and sustainability, this year the online giving page makes it easier to give to causes or specific groups that fall under two new headings: Visual & Performing Arts at Tufts and Brown & Blue Go Green.

Giving Tuesday continues to make a big impact on financial aid, where gifts strengthen Tufts’ commitment to attract and support students who contribute to a diverse, lively, and international student body. That commitment, a top priority for the undergraduate and professional schools, has special import for The Fletcher School, said Kelly Sims Gallagher, F00, F03, dean ad interim, professor of energy and environmental policy, and director of Fletcher’s Climate Policy Lab.

It’s a milestone year for Fletcher and we’re excited to continue the celebrations of our 90th anniversary on Giving Tuesday,” she said. “I am particularly focused on securing resources that will provide students with the financial aid they need to attend Fletcher. I also hope our alumni will continue to support the student experience—to help us nurture that Fletcher magic for students on campus.  An alumna myself, I know Fletcher is a special place and I’m looking forward to watching us come together and demonstrate our Fletcher pride once again on Giving Tuesday.”


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