The Year in Photos 2023

Tufts photographers share their favorite images that showcase the year’s happenings across the university’s campuses

It seems like it was just yesterday that we were welcoming students back from winter break to begin classes in January. 

Each year when we assemble the year in photos, it’s like a trip through memory lane. Remember that time a princess from Thailand visited campus? How about all the activities that marked the inauguration of Tufts’ 14th president, Sunil Kumar? And in the midst of it all, an entire class of Jumbos graduated and another matriculated. 

The cycle of academic life gives us a mix of joy, discovery, and excitement that we are fortunate to capture and share with our community.

A Brand New Year

A bulletin board with a drawing of an elephant and the words, Welcome Back Jumbos.

The civil and environmental engineering department welcomes students back with a happy message on the morning of the first day of the spring semester on January 18. Photo: Alonso Nichols

Animal Health for All 

A woman wearing a tiger-themed face mask bends to pet a dog, while a veterinary technician in blue scrubs looks on

Her Royal Highness Princess Chulabhorn Krom Phra Srisavangavadhana of Thailand tours the Foster Hospital for Small Animals at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine on April 19. Photo: Alonso Nichols

Heave Ho!

A large wooden crane lifting a wooden box, with a number of students taking part and viewing nearby

Students in the Mechanical Engineering Design for Fabrication class test their wooden cranes on the patio at the Science and Engineering Complex on May 8. Photo: Alonso Nichols

May Flowers

An older woman wearing a blue face mask hands a pit to a younger man and woman, who are planting flowers in a large planter.

Students and staff from the School of Medicine, School of Dental Medicine, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, and the Friedman School volunteer to clean up and plant flowers for the Cherish Chinatown day of service on May 10. Photo: Alonso Nichols

Bright Futures

Students wearing caps and gowns lined up for graduation seen in silhouette against a bright sun

Members of the Class of 2023 gather before main ceremony at Tufts’ 167th commencement on May 21. Photo: Paul Rutherford

A Jumbo Welcome

A large elephant mascot greets a little girl wearing pink, who greet him with outstretched arms

After structural concerns prompted a Somerville public school building shutdown, students from Winter Hill School arrived and were greeted by Jumbo to finish out their school year at the Olin Center on June 8. Photo: Jenna Schad

Seen from Above

A view of a paved landing and steps, with green grass on the sides, seen from directly above.

An aerial view of the Memorial Steps on the Medford/Somerville campus on June 11. Photo: Boston Aerials

First Coat

A woman picks out a white coat from a rack of white coats, while another looks on.

Incoming students get fitted for their white coats at the School of Medicine orientation on July 25. Photo: Alonso Nichols

New Friends

A young woman in a life vest looks on while a young man wearing a life vest laughs, both standing on a dock with boats in the background

Brand new members of the Class of 2027 go on a kayaking adventure at Spot Pond with the FIT pre-orientation program on August 26. Photo: Alonso Nichols

Family Hug

A man and woman hug a younger woman in a dorm room.

Ronin Reeves, BFA27, shares a moment with dad Jameson and mom Wendy after moving in to the SMFA residence halls on August 29. Photo: Alonso Nichols

Clay Drop

A woman stands on a low ledge holding a ball of clay in her hands, preparing to drop it, as students look on.

An art faculty member prepares to drop a ball of clay to show its elastic properties to incoming students on the first day of classes at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts on September 5. Photo: Alonso Nichols


A young woman wearing a Camp Envy T shirt leaps in the air during a dance.

Dancers at the Tufts Student Performing Arts Showcase in honor of President Sunil Kumar’s inauguration, held in Cohen Auditorium on October 1. Photo: Anna Miller

A Warm Welcome

An older woman greets and shakes hands with Sunil Kumar, with a crowded restaurant scene behind them.

President Sunil Kumar greets a representative of the Chinatown community at a luncheon at Hei La Moon restaurant on October 5. Kumar visited Chinatown as part of his inauguration week celebrations. Photo: Alonso Nichols

Pomp and Circumstance

Women and men dressed in academic robes gather on a sidewalk, with large colorful flags in the foreground

Faculty gather to celebrate the installation of President Sunil Kumar as the 14th president of Tufts University during a ceremony held on the residential quad on October 6. Photo: Anna Miller

Fall Is Here

The sun is reflected on a large section of glass fronting a building, with a tree with yellow leaves in the foreground

The end of peak fall foliage on the Medford/Somerville campus on October 26. Photo: Jenna Schad


Five young women in white field hockey uniforms celebrate the scoring of a goal.

Andrea DelGiudice, A24, lifts her arms in celebration after scoring a goal in the field hockey match against Bates College on October 14. Photo: Alonso Nichols

Letting Them Eat Cake

A young woman in a very poofy dress, tall white wig, holds a fan on a very colorful stage set.

Tess Kaplan, A24, portrays Marie Antoinette in a dress rehearsal for the fall production of the play “Marie Antoinette” on October 24. Photo: Alonso Nichols

Heads Up!

A men’s soccer player, with a bandage on the side of his face, heads a ball, while a member of the other team looks on

Soccer forward Xavier Canfin, A27, heads the ball in a match against Washington and Lee University on November 18. Photo: Anna Miller



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