About Tufts Now

Tufts Now, launched by the University Relations Division in February 2011, is the university's one-stop site for news, events, photography, videos, and more. Tufts Now makes it easier for you to find what you want and share what you like, all in one place.

This site replaced the Tufts Journal and E-News. The Tufts Journal was founded in 1980 as the official university newspaper. It first appeared online in 2001. E-News, launched in 1999, was Tufts’ first online news publication. (The Tufts Journal and E-News websites will remain online as archives, which are accessible through the search box on Tufts Now.)

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Tufts Now Staff

Taylor McNeil
Deputy Editor
Telephone: 617.627.4503

Laura Ferguson
Senior Writer/Editor