To the Finish Line at the Boston Marathon

With hearty support, Tufts Marathon Team runners brave the changing weather and run the course
View a video of Tufts Marathon Team members and their supporters at Mile 9. Video: Steffan Hacker
April 16, 2019


The forty-nine runners on the Tufts Marathon Team saw April 15 begin with an early thunderstorm, started the race under cloud cover, were drenched in sun—and then soaked in rain, but they all finished the race.

“I’m so proud of them all—they are all amazing,” said Don Megerle, coach of the Tufts Marathon Team.  

The team is made up of students, alumni, staff, and friends; each runner raises money to support nutrition, medical, and fitness programs at the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy.

Melanie Nettler, A19, gives a hug to Coach Don Megerle. Photo: Anna Miller

Bobby Lovitch, A19, is heading in the right direction, with Coach Don Megerle calling the signals. Photo: Anna Miller

Luis Dorfmann, professor of civil and environmental engineering, at Mile 9. Photo: Anna Miller

From left, Chris Wingard, A19, Kevin Dunn, A19, Bruce Johnson, AG19 are cheered at Mile 9 by the sight of Coach Don Megerle. Photo: Anna Miller

Dina Hammam, J94, welcomes encouragement from Coach Don Megerle. Photo: Anna Miller

Peter Bromka, A05, ran a strong marathon—coming in thirty-fourth overall—with a time of 2:23:08. Photo: Anna Miller

Kevin Dunn, A19, is getting close, nearing the finish live. Photo: Alonso Nichols

Victory within sight, near the finish line, Erica Santos, A15 and Meghan Kuhnle, A19 celebrate. Photo: Alonso Nichols

Happy to have accomplished so much, Lena Chang, E19, left, and Emma Balin, A19. Photo: Nicholas Pfosi