Photos of the Year

Tufts photographers share their favorite images from 2014
December 16, 2014


Throughout the year, the university photographers roam the Medford/Somerville, Boston and Grafton campuses to document life at Tufts, from students’ arrival through graduation and beyond.

Photographers Alonso Nichols, Kelvin Ma and Nicholas Pfosi, A16, have picked out a few of their favorites—and tell us a bit about what went into making each image.

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It Starts Here

Credentials clerk Pat Roderick makes room on the shelves in Bendetson Hall for more undergraduate student applicant files on Jan. 8. Photo: Kelvin Ma

“When I was applying to colleges about 15 years ago, everything was done via snail mail. Out of curiosity, I wanted to see if that was still the case, so I dropped in at Undergraduate Admissions. Though the method of delivery has changed, the volume is as high as ever, and the hard-working staff members at Bendetson, like Pat Roderick, still have to make room for all that paper.” —Kelvin Ma


Let Me Tell You

Edwin Diaz, E14, poses for a portrait at Cohen Auditorium on Jan. 22. Diaz, who hopes to work in robotics or automation after graduation, performs with the Blackout step dance troupe. Photo: Kelvin Ma“I had photographed Edwin Diaz back when he was a freshman, and we’d seen each other around campus somewhat regularly over his four years at Tufts. The familiarity came in handy as we were able to joke around and catch up, allowing me to easily capture Edwin’s jovial personality.” —Kelvin Ma


Helping Hand

Brian Schmidtberg, M16, puts a cast on Cathedral High School junior Christian Walkes during his field trip to the School of Medicine on Feb. 26. Photo: Alonso Nichols“We often talk about the relationships and partnerships that we have with our communities in Boston, Grafton and Medford/Somerville. It is gratifying to see that dynamic as one of equals, learning from one another and enjoying the process.” —Alonso Nichols


A Penny for Your Thoughts

Robotics programmer Evan Krause poses with Cindy the robot’s hand in Professor Matthias Scheutz’s robotics laboratory on March 18. Photo: Alonso Nichols“Technology in and of itself can be impressive, but its true significance lies in how we have come to relate to and depend on it in our everyday lives. Finding ways to convey that concept visually can be tricky. Thanks to Evan Krause and Cindy for bridging the gap.” —Alonso Nichols


Rainbow View

Biology graduate student Julia Pilowsky shows off her mohawk at the 16th annual Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and Engineering Student Awards at the Granoff Music Center on April 25. Photo: Kelvin Ma“Best. Mohawk. Ever. When I saw Julia Pilowsky in the lobby of Granoff after the graduate student awards last spring, how could I not snap a frame of that glorious mohawk?” —Kelvin Ma



Ifedayo “Dayo” Akinyemi, MPH14, dances her way out of the ceremony for the School of Medicine’s Public Health and Professional Degree Programs at the 158th Commencement for Tufts University on May 18. Photo: Kelvin Ma“Dayo works for my department down at the Boston campus, and being in an office environment, we don't have all that many opportunities to show off our dance moves. Getting your PH/PD degree seems like as good a reason as any, though. This photo makes a lot more sense if you imagine Pharrell Williams’ 'Happy' playing in the background.” —Kelvin Ma


Need a Lift?

Rachael Gately, a clinical assistant professor at the Tufts Ambulatory Service in Woodstock, Connecticut, holds one of her patients during a house call to vaccinate and check sheep on May 29. Photo: Alonso Nichols“Does anyone still make house calls? Rachael Gately and her students at the Tufts Ambulatory Service spend their days traveling from farm to farm, in fields and barns, tending to creatures great and small.” —Alonso Nichols 


The Big Move

Anna Rodriguez, A18, packs up her room at home in Roxbury, Massachusetts, as she prepares for her move to Tufts on Aug. 20. Photo: Kelvin Ma“This was one of the first frames that I shot of Anna for our project on two BEST/BLAST students as they prepared to arrive at Tufts. I think that no matter who you are, what your background is or how far or near you are to Medford, this feeling of standing in your bedroom with all your stuff packed in boxes the night before you head to college is universal.” —Kelvin Ma


Ring Around Ballou

International students in the Class of 2018 compete in “The Amazing T Race,” a campus-wide scavenger hunt during international orientation on Aug. 25. Photo: Kelvin Ma“Think about how disoriented you were when you first arrived on campus as a freshman. Now imagine doing it in a foreign country. At night. Blindfolded. That’s pretty much what was going on here for the international orientation, and I couldn’t help but notice the humor of their situation.” —Kelvin Ma


From New York to Boston

After a late evening at work, Mateo Galeano hangs out at home with his older brother Camilo, a student at Boston University, before they head north for the start of school. Photo: Alonso Nichols“Matriculation is such a time of high anticipation. Each year we welcome a new undergraduate class of more than 1,300 students from all over the world. Everyone is eager to know and welcome the new arrivals. I am grateful that Mateo Galeano and his family were gracious enough to have me along for our project on two incoming students as they enjoyed his last evening at home in Queens, saying goodbye as he began his Tufts journey.” —Alonso Nichols


Move In

Incoming freshman Sean Harvill, left, and his high school friend and Tufts classmate Lorenzo Lau, next to him, haul Sean’s belongings into Tilton Hall during move-in day for the Class of 2018 on Aug. 27. Photo: Nicholas Pfosi“These moments can potentially be flat, just people carrying stuff. But I found nice light, a good mood and some movement to connect us to the excitement of the day.” —Nicholas Pfosi


On Your Marks, Get Set

J.D. Sim, A18, and Mia Marrazza, A18, race each other on the bungee run during the Jumbolicious Carnival during undergraduate student orientation on Aug. 28. Photo: Alonso Nichols


“When a carnival comes to campus, it is likely to be a good picture opportunity. A little friendly competition was just the way to enjoy this orientation event for these incoming freshmen.” —Alonso Nichols


Here’s Looking at You

Visitors listen to the audio portion of an installation during opening night at the Tufts Art Gallery for “Manna: Masterworks from the Tufts University Permanent art Collection” on Sept. 11. Photo: Nicholas Pfosi“Our student intern, Nicholas Pfosi, did a nice job of looking for a photo during this routine event assignment. When the circumstances are dramatic—travel in a beautiful part of the world, for example—the pictures seem to make themselves. It can be much more challenging to look at your everyday world and find a compelling image.” —Alonso Nichols


Who Are You Staring At?

A short-eared owl recovers at the Wildlife Clinic at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine on Nov. 5. Photo: Alonso Nichols“I couldn’t get over the eyes of this owl.” —Alonso Nichols


All Dressed Up

The Tufts Choruses concert with conductor Jamie Kirsch on Nov. 16. Photo: Alonso Nichols“The Music Department hosts an array of excellent concerts, but never have I seen a singing carrot come out from backstage.”—Alonso Nichols

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