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paper and pen and ink
February 11, 2014
Katie Peterson, professor of the practice of poetry, suggests some heartfelt approaches

Be direct. Think of this memorable first line from the Victorian poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning: “How do I love thee? Let me...

illustration of Bubs over the years
January 21, 2014 Large Image
The Beelzebubs, stars who changed the voice of college a cappella, turn 50

Over their half-century of musicmaking, the Beelzebubs have been heard everywhere from the White House, where they sang for President Obama’s 2011...

Oliver Platt acting at Tufts as an undergraduate
January 10, 2014 Large Image
How Oliver Platt’s childhood on the road led to a life on stage and screen

When it came time to play White House counsel Oliver Babish on The West Wing, Oliver Platt, A83, didn’t have to do as much research as...

a portrait of Machiavelli
December 20, 2013 Large Image
“The Prince” was about more than playing politics—and is as relevant today as it was when published 500 years ago, scholars say

Niccolò Machiavelli lost his job in 1512. He had been secretary to the chancery for the Republic of Florence since 1498, but the Medici family...

man with gray hair playing violin
December 17, 2013
Composer John McDonald, professor and chair of the Department of Music, offers his advice

As a composer and pianist, when I’m asked to write something for a new instrument, I enjoy the privilege of starting from scratch. So I feel as if...