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a group of villagers in Uganda making music and signing
September 27, 2013 Large Image
In recordings made by Jeffrey Summit, villagers tell the stories of their lives and build religious tolerance

Jeffrey Summit, G88, G95, brews a pot of coffee each morning, savoring the aroma of the dark roast, a fair trade coffee from Uganda. It has a...

Boris Hasselblatt at Trinity Church
September 18, 2013 Large Image
Mathematician Boris Hasselblatt takes his love of music every week to the Trinity Church choir

In the second of an occasional series, Tufts Now highlights the hidden talents of Tufts faculty and staff.

Each weekend...

Saadat Manto
September 17, 2013 Large Image
Historian Ayesha Jalal illustrates the tragedy of the subcontinent's partition through the life of her great-uncle, a well-known short story writer

Americans often regard Pakistan with suspicion and trepidation, as part of a Muslim world that appears hostile to them. The Pakistani perspective...

August 29, 2013
Neighbors, Friends Invited to Join University for Learning, Family Entertainment, Lunch, More

MEDFORD/SOMERVILLE, Mass. – Residents, neighbors and friends are invited to celebrate the 11th annual Community Day at Tufts University on...

books as sailing ships
July 29, 2013 Large Image
Members of the Tufts community share what they are reading this summer

Heading into prime vacation season each summer, we ask faculty, students, staff and alumni to tell us about books they like, and why they would...