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Author Kerri K. Greenidge is director of American Studies at Tufts University and co-director of the African American Trail Project at the Center for the Study of Race and Democracy.
February 21, 2020 Large Image
"Black Radical" by Kerri Greenidge tells the story of a civil rights agitator who empowered working black people at the turn of the 20th century

In Black Radical: The Life and Times of William Monroe Trotter, the hero’s story starts at the end. It’s 1934, at the depth of the Great...

A black and white photo of about twenty men digging a ditch on a hot summer day in a field. A new exhibition at Tufts University Art Gallery sheds light on the plight of those imprisoned and their families
February 6, 2020 Large Image
A new exhibition of work by more than thirty artists at Tufts University Art Galleries sheds light on those imprisoned and their families

For most people moving through their daily lives, the 2.3 million Americans who are incarcerated are essentially invisible—as is the country’s...

Writer Ariana Neumann poses in front of shelves full of books. Neumann is the author of the memoir When Time Stopped, about her father’s remarkable survival during World War II.
January 31, 2020 Large Image
In her new memoir, Ariana Neumann, A92, uncovers a harrowing story hidden for decades—the story of her own father and a family destroyed by the Holocaust

When Ariana Neumann, A92, was growing up in Caracas, she found a gray cardboard box in her father’s library. It held a German ID card bearing an...

Antoni Porowski, the food and wine specialist from the Netflix show Queer Eye, preparing a salad on stage at Tufts University. A sold-out crowd of undergrad students packed the auditorium to ask questions of the lifestyle expert.
January 29, 2020 Large Image
Food and wine expert Antoni Porowski serves up salad and support to undergrads

The Netflix series Queer Eye is a makeover show, but it is also about helping people examine their lives—in each episode, a lucky subject...

Young people with special glasses look upwards at the sky. The top Tufts photos of the decade 2010-2019.
December 17, 2019 Large Image
We pick our favorite images from 2010 to 2019

Throughout the past decade, Tufts photographers have roamed the Medford/Somerville, Boston, and Grafton campuses, documenting the people and...