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Ron Pies
July 11, 2013 Large Image
Tufts psychiatrist Ronald Pies culls the wisdom of Judaism, Buddhism and Stoicism for advice in coping with life’s vicissitudes

Life throws many curve balls. Some even end up beaning us. How we respond, Ronald Pies says, is what makes the difference between a contented life...

Russian Wedding, by Marc Chagall
June 19, 2013 Large Image
In his course An Introduction to Yiddish Culture, Sol Gittleman tells the story of the many voices that make up America

One of the last works I have students read in An Introduction to Yiddish Culture is “Eli, the Fanatic,” that early Philip Roth story of postwar...

The Beelzebubs perform at the Tufts Art Gallery
April 12, 2013 Large Image
Exhibition at the Tufts Art Gallery highlights 50 years of fun with the Beelzebubs

Flash back to the early 1960s and the hit tunes of the doo-wop era. The Marcels’ classic “Blue Moon” (with its famous bom-ba-ba-bom–dang-a-dang...

February 6, 2013
"Jumbo on the Go!" theme for this year's April 13 event

MEDFORD/SOMERVILLE, Mass. -- Medford and Somerville children in kindergarten through third grade are invited to attend this year's Kids'...

illustration of an English country home
January 3, 2013 Large Image
A writer takes a behind-the-cordon tour of England’s great country houses

The lilting voice that floated across his grand garden proved to be nothing less than a siren song for Sir Harry Fetherstonaugh, the 70-year-old...