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Tal Rabinowitz
November 10, 2011 Large Image
For NBC’s comedy chief, things have a funny way of working out

The Office has a new boss. For that matter, so does every show in the NBC comedy lineup, now that the network has named Tal Rabinowitz,...

Richard Bell at Tufts Art Gallery
October 26, 2011 Large Image
Aboriginal artist Richard Bell doesn’t pull any punches in his take on Australian society, on view now at the Tufts Art Gallery

The Australian Aboriginal artist Richard Bell says that he is just “laying it out there, showing people how it is.” But his current exhibition at...

Niall Ferguson
October 14, 2011 Large Image
In his Snyder Lecture, Niall Ferguson celebrates the end of Western economic dominance

Our current financial mess has been 500 years in the making, according to the economic historian Niall Ferguson. And, he added, “Great financial...

John Reed
October 13, 2011
Tufts staffer John Reed’s new novel recounts the life of a tough guy who’s at odds with his future

While Saturday Night Fever is perhaps best remembered for John Travolta’s dashing disco moves, when John Reed first saw the movie as a high...

Dan Flannery sings
September 30, 2011 Slideshow
Singer-songwriter Dan Flannery, G13, finds making music for (and with) kids is more than child’s play

Writing a song for adults isn’t really that hard. You’ve got themes like love, sex and heartbreak to choose from. And that’s only if you want...