Arts & Culture

open book on an outdoor table
June 25, 2018 Large Image
The Tufts community offers suggestions for your reading pleasure and edification

Despite many predictions of the decline of books and reading, it seems like the reading public is as strong as ever—with paper books leading the...

A student makes handmade paper using colored pulp and a deckle box
May 16, 2018 Large Image
In an SMFA class, students transform messy pulp into objects of art

Paper leads a double life. It’s the get-it-done medium for annual reports and memos, newspapers and paperbacks. But there’s also another side to...

mural made up of many square elements and nearby hallway
May 10, 2018 Large Image
School of the Museum of Fine Arts students create a mural in the Science and Engineering Complex’s Robinson Hall

There’s a new student project on display at the School of Engineering, but it’s not a device or a machine—it’s a mural painted by students of the...

Niki Li with a cutout of herself at her art installation
May 7, 2018 Large Image
Graduating M.F.A. students show off their work in a wide-ranging exhibition on the Medford/Somerville campus

Tufts celebrates the provocative work of forty-two graduating M.F.A. students at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts (SMFA) at Tufts with a...

painting of leaves surrounded by geometrical pattern
May 4, 2018 Large Image
A collaborative course brings art, science, and community to the table

Over the years, Silvia Bottinelli has asked her students to look at food in art—think of Cezanne’s apples and oranges and Andy Warhol’s soup cans—...