Arts & Culture

line drawing of Frankenstein reading a book
October 9, 2018 Large Image
The Tufts community will stage a full reading of Mary Shelley’s 1818 classic “Frankenstein” on October 31

Move over trick or treat. This year Halloween belongs to one of the most enduring gothic tales, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.


Matthew Shipp at a piano
October 9, 2018 Large Image
The Vision Festival at Tufts: Art and Social Justice in America brings the best in free jazz and more to campus on October 27

Acclaimed musicians will be coming to Tufts as part of a celebration of free jazz in the Vision Festival at Tufts: Art and Social Justice in...

still from the film showing a young boy walking past a chalk map of the U.S. on a playground
October 5, 2018 Large Image
A new film by Tufts faculty takes on the divide between once all-white Ferguson, Missouri and neighboring all-black Kinloch

Jane Gillooly was working on a film in 2012 when she visited her hometown of Ferguson, Missouri, and drove into the neighboring town of Kinloch...

group of people making batik in Italian village
September 27, 2018 Large Image
SMFA’s Jeannie Simms traveled to Italy to work with townspeople and new immigrants to create art and build collaboration

Photographer Jeannie Simms has spent the past two summers in Sant’Alessio, a village in the foothills of the Aspromonte mountains in Reggio...

Tara Brooke Watkins in Tulsa, Oklahoma
September 25, 2018 Large Image
A new play by a Tufts doctoral student tells the story of the Tulsa Black Wall Street Massacre of 1921

Tara Brooke Watkins, a Ph.D. candidate in theatre and performance studies in the Department of Theatre, Dance, and Performance believes theater...