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Notre-Dame Cathedral, with scaffolding for repairs to the roof. Art and architecture historian Christina Maranci talks about the restoration of Notre-Dame and other beloved cathedrals in need of attention.
July 16, 2019 Large Image
Careful and sensitive restoration of sacred monuments is critical, says Tufts art historian

When the Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris was...

An old, large mural depicting Tufts University with students and faculty and administrators as imagined in the 1950s. The mural will be taken down and preserved for future study.
June 26, 2019 Large Image
After discussion and debate, the university has decided to take down exclusionary murals from Alumnae Lounge, while making them more accessible for teaching and research

For nearly sixty-five years, murals in Alumnae Lounge, a popular meeting space on the Tufts Medford/Somerville campus, have illustrated one part...

A photo-illustration of an open book morphing into a landscape of grass and trees, for a feature of reviews recommending books by Tufts community members
June 25, 2019 Large Image
Members of the Tufts community share their favorites in fiction and nonfiction for your reading pleasure

At the start of every summer vacation season, we ask members of the Tufts community to tell us about books that they’ve read and recommend to...

A placemat by Camille Shimshak, A21, about the nutritional value of milk—as well as patterns of lactose intolerance around the world—topped with a cup of rice milk. A placemat by Lauren Diaz, A20, in the background.
June 14, 2019 Large Image
Tufts students share food, art, and nutritional advice with members of Boston’s Chinatown community

In late April, students from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts (SMFA) at Tufts met with members of the Greater Boston Chinatown Golden Age...

Anthony Romero
May 28, 2019 Large Image
The artist and writer will work on a collaborative project to create performances, sound pieces, and sculptures

Anthony Romero, professor of the practice in the Department of Visual Arts at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts, has won a...