Campus Life

Donna Brazile talking at Tufts
February 20, 2019 Large Image
Young people are the largest voting bloc, and it’s time for them to get involved in politics, Donna Brazile tells a Tufts audience

Donna Brazile, former chair of the Democratic National Committee, said she used to think of young voters as the topping on the political ice cream...

Norman Fortenberry speaking at Tufts
February 19, 2019 Large Image
Engineering education needs to be holistic, giving students a wide skill set and preparing them for the workplace decades from now

Being able to move nimbly across disciplines and bridge technology with policy will be among the critical characteristics of influential engineers...

person with stethoscope around neck talking with another person in medical setting
February 14, 2019 Large Image
Tufts Student Health Service staff develop protocol to help other colleges provide HIV prevention with daily medication

Approximately 40,000 new HIV cases are diagnosed every year in the U.S., and many are in adolescents and young adults. HIV specialists are hopeful...

Deke Sharon doing choral conducting at Tufts
February 14, 2019 Large Image
Deke Sharon, A91, the a cappella expert behind the Pitch Perfect movies, conducts a whirlwind residency at Tufts

Deke Sharon, A91, knew what the students in the Tufts Chamber Singers were bracing for—that he would listen to their a cappella rendition of “...

Skier going around a gate on the slopes
February 11, 2019 Video
Tufts Ski Team members share their go-to moves for improving your time on the slopes

Alpine ski racing takes grit. Nowhere was this more apparent than on a recent weekend when the Tufts Ski Team arrived at the chairlift on a...